Top VA Exec Wayne Pfeffer made $90,323 in Bonuses although Hawaii had the longest Wait-list times for Veterans

Posted on November 24, 2015


The Veterans Affairs in Hawaii was found to have the longest Wait-list times  for Veterans in 2013, surmounting a scandal that continues to plague many Veterans battling for their earned VA services and benefits. And yet, we found that Hawaii’s Top executive Wayne Pfeffer who is the Medical Center Director here in Honolulu, Hawaii received  $90,323 in Bonuses while many Veterans remain hurting, even dying and homeless.

Hawaii Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard originally asked for VA Executive Wayne Pfeffer to be fired after Pfeffer lied about Hawaii’s Wait times, yet Tulsi has done nothing to stop the injustices, the harm to Veterans and  the continued corruption.  Top VA Exec’s like Pfeffer remain untouchable living high off the backs of Veterans.

In a recent article by Stars and Stripes,  Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller stated:

“Because of the department’s failure to adequately hold employees accountable in this and many other situations, VA is being forced to tolerate corruption, malfeasance and incompetence within its ranks. As a result it remains under the shadow of perpetual scandal,” Miller said.

“The millions of American veterans who depend on VA and the hundreds of thousands of VA employees who are dedicated professionals deserve better than this broken status quo,” he added. “But until VA leaders make a commitment to supporting real accountability – something they have refused to do thus far – efforts to reform VA are doomed to fail.”

We believe that not only should  Hawaii VA Executive Wayne Pfeffer, but also the Director, Andrew Dalhburg of the VA Homeless Program be criminally prosecuted and held accountable by the DOJ and the Attorney Generals Office for the corruption, intentional malfeasance and diversion of services and benefits.


Photo – Veterans Affairs (VA) Executives  -James Tuchschmidt and Wayne Pfeffer did nothing, ignored my formal complaints at the Senate Hearing with Mazie Hirono last year, (Photo by Tina Quizon)

Update – Feb 17, 2016 Embattled VA director Wayne Pfeffer of Veterans Affairs in Pacific has abruptly resigned, effectively immediately as reported from the Honolulu Star Advertiser. The Article from Dan Nakaso states :

“Pfeffer had been on the job less than three years and oversaw a system that at one point in 2014 had the longest wait times in the entire VA system for an incoming patient to get an initial appointment with a primary care physician. In 2014, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard had called for Pfeffer’s resignation.” Read the Full Article here