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“PFLAG-Oahu applauds the Supreme Court decision that rules DOMA IS UNCONSTITIONAL.”

June 26, 2013


Update from  Ms. Carolyn Martinez Golojuch, President of PFLAG-Oahu broke the news for Hawaii saying  “DOMA IS GONE, GONE, GONE. And  shared her words that “PFLAG-Oahu applauds the Supreme Court decision that rules DOMA IS UNCONSTITIONAL.    DOMA IS GONE, GONE, GONE.  THIS MEANS OUR CHILDREN HAVE RIGHTS TO LOVE WHO THEY LOVE.  TODAY’S DECISION IS […]

Power Outages leaves the IT & Computer Data Base unsecure at the Spark M. Matsunaga Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

June 26, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon A major electrical power outage occured on Monday June 24, 2013 at the Department of Veteran Affairs, which has left the IT, Electronic Medical records and Computer Data Base systems of the VA unavailable and unsecured, here in Honolulu Hawaii, the main electrical power outage was located at the Spark M. […]

Calgary IT Business offering free help for Flood damaged Businesses with Continuity and Disaster Recovery

June 23, 2013


We were contacted by our friend Alexander Ford in Calgary after Flood waters devastated the area, he asked us to share the work his company is doing. Effortlessly helping other businesses in time of need CEO Alexander William Ford, of InFinit offering free recovery and relief services for Business with IT & Technology flooding issues, […]

“Marriage Equality”

June 20, 2013


Article & Photo by Tina Quizon Carolyn Golojuch from PFLAG, Sandy Farmer Wiley, Cyrus Naone fron Trans-Spectrum Hawaii & other leaders from the Honolulu Pride Parade speak to the community about support of Gay Marraige and the reforms needed in DOMA and other laws that impede upon the civil rights of others. Watch some of […]

Governor Abercrombie comes to the U.S. Vets Party has a free meal & publicity but turns his back on Female Veterans

June 17, 2013


Article and photos by Tina Quizon “Not a State matter” is the formal written response that I received from Governor Abercrombie after seeking protection and help as a Whistle Blower against the VA, the YWCA and the U. S. Vets Administrations who have colluded to cover up the corruption, fraud and misuse of government money, […]

Honolulu Mayor openly supports Gay Marriage

June 15, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon It was a historcial Pride Parade as Mayor Kirk Caldwell of Honolulu was the 1st Mayor in the history of the 23 year march for equality & equal rights for LGBTQ especially in Marraige to have a Honolulu City Mayor openly particpate, march. Mayor Caldwell also spoke to a captive caring […]

The YWCA’s harmful treatment, racism and discrimination to women, especially Female Veterans

June 10, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon YWCA Rhonda Jones & U S Vets Jennifer Lloyd are nothing more than racist, that continued to discriminate and harm with not only the unlawful unjust arrest of myself, Tina Quizon, as a Whistle Blower & homeless female Veteran, but other acts of discrimnation and racism to women. I have experienced […]