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“Red Tail Angels” honoring WWII Tuskegee’s airmen

January 30, 2012


In memory of William Holloman distinguished WWII “Red Tails Tuskegee Pilots” My inspiring TV Interview with the Lt Col William H. Holloman III an African American Tuskegee WWII Pilot, I had the opportunity to interview and filmed here in Hawaii in 2009, he past away in 2010, and we are proud to rebroadcast his interview […]

Road Blocks of Public access Television

January 29, 2012


Why should you as a citizen be concerns about road blocks in Public-access television? In exchange for the Telecommunications Rights-of-Way, and to provide services to all Americans, (PEG) Public, educational, and government access television, (also know as PEG-TV, PEG channel, and Local-access television)was created in the United States between 1969 and 1971 by the Federal […]

Inspired Destiny… Living a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

January 23, 2012


Deep inside every individual there is a desire or calling to live a truly inspired, purposeful and meaningful life; a life so fulfilled that they feel gratefully empowered in many if not all of the seven key areas of life: spiritual, mental, financial, vocational, family, physical and social. Many people though, feel constrained or frustrated […]

Pathways to Paradise TV Shows – most creative TV Pilot by NYCIFF

January 5, 2012


2011 was an amazing year for our TV Show, “Pathways to Paradise”, I traveled around the USA and Asia, filming in Manila for Samsung Fashion Week and the APEC Food Safety. Attended the United Nations New York High Level meetings on “Non Nuclear Proliferation”, flew to MIT in Boston for the “Cold Fusion Colloquium”, then […]

Addressing the Corporate business of the over incarceration of America’s

January 2, 2012


In part 1 of this series we look at addressing the Corporate business of the over incarceration of America’s citizens. With America having the highest number of it’s population in prison’s across the nation and the globe and those numbers continuing to climb. Lisa Kaye addresses the injustice of the Corporate business model of the […]

Freedom of Press?? Freedom of Speech??

January 1, 2012


Every one should be worried about all my content, news articles and original posts from the that was crashed to remove my news articles, photo’s and content. Losing all the information and media coverage of world events I had written about and reported. Articles covering the global financial crises, the harmful Nuclear radiation from […]

“Hau’oli Makahiki Hou” Happy New Year 2012

January 1, 2012


A Hawaiian “Happy New Years” greeting and video short take of my Media year in review, with Tina Quizon, some of the people, places and great events that made 2011 so inspiring. With gratitude and appreciation to everyone who made the 2011 event horizon a stellar moment in time. I look forward to seeing great […]