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The New Racial Profiling “Homeless In Hawaii”

November 30, 2013


The recent Sledge Hammering by the Hawaii State Law Makers to Homeless Peoples “belongings”, reflects the serious neglect to ensure the diginity & rights of our Homeless Population. With many of our lawmakers profiling homeless individuals with the sledge hammer, the desensitizing of the individual human being who is not afforded basic human rights is […]

Hawaii’s failure to protect the wetlands as mandated by the EPA & the Clean Water Act

November 22, 2013


The lack of management between the City and State continues to plague the Waipahu Pouhala Marsh Sanctuary, other streambeds, and waterways across the State of Hawaii. Loads of the Solid Waste and Medical waste can be found and have been sited in the Waipahu Depot Stream which is apart of the Pouhala Marsh. The Birds, […]

Honolulu Bankrupt Over Rail – The Debtors Train

November 17, 2013


Many people questions if the Honolulu Rail Transit is the right path for Oahu with the cost in the billions, not including change orders, will the Rail really help with the congestion on our roadways or will it bring a lower standard of living to those living along the corridor, and a larger burden on […]

Representative Richard Fale speech raises concerns

November 8, 2013


Constituents raise concerns about what was said by Richard Fale (North Shore) district 47 in a speech outside the Rotunda of the Hawaii State Capital. Listen for yourself and decide.. Rep. Fale tells constituents that SB1 will be tabled and put on the 2014 ballot. He also showed us a floor amendment #4, that later […]