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The real cost of the Thirty Meter Telescope – Donald Trump is right

September 19, 2019


Whether it’s our allies in NATO for Peace or in the advance research of science for space exploration, other Countries and Foreign Corporations should pay their fair share. And a $1 Hawaiian land deal of leases atop the Mountain at Mauna Kea Hawaii, is nothing more than a huge deficit .  Is economically unsustainable, costing […]

A Mobile Star Lab ignites Learning

April 5, 2016


  This Eagle Nebula Photo was taken with a Mobile Innovation in Astronomy created by Ken Archer of the Ironwood Observatory. More than 7000 light years away from the planet Earth  the M-16 or  Eagle Nebula was first discovered by Philippe Loys de Chéseaux in 1745-6,  in the constellation Serpens. Ken Archer used developed the layers […]