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“The Power of Media – a Global Journey”

May 29, 2013


NYCIFF Roberto Rizzo presents Tina Quizon her 2011 Award for the Most Creative TV Pilot, with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael at the NYCIFF 2012 Red Carpet Gala ” Article by Tina Quizon It is effortless to share insights, abilities & inspiration of bringing the stories of people and our world to TV, print and film and […]

“Pride” in Honolulu Parade all welcome, families, LBGT, churches & community walk for freedom

May 26, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon Get up, get out, and celebrate with “Pride” for LBGT, and walk with us on June 1, 2013 at 9 A.M. gathering at Ala Moana Park, the Honolulu Pride Parade to start at 10 A.M. to celebrate the freedom of Lesbian’s, Bisexual’s, Gay’s, Transgender’s, of individuals to be who you are, […]

Veterans Administration “Not Protecting the rights of Whistle Blower Tina Quizon”

May 19, 2013


The cover up against me of the harassment to uncover the fraud and misuse of Federal funding that I have experienced and witnessed as a whistle blower and I tried to expose to Retired General Shinseki the OIG and the Obama Administration. My files were left out unsecured, I was served expired Rotten Meat and […]

VA Punishes Whistle Blower Tina Quizon unlawful Eviction Harassment and Retaliation

May 17, 2013


Veterans Administration hates & punishes whistle blowers. Veteran Tina Quizon continues to receive retaliation harassment from the U.S Vets and the VA for filing her formal complaints to Retired General Shinseki. Watch my TV Show and read my articles of the cover up against me & the harassment, to uncover the fraud and misuse of […]

The $28.4 million dollar “2 Coffee Creamers & Rotten Meat” Eviction by the Veterans Administration

May 15, 2013


You would think with a budget of $28.4 million dollars, rolling back the video to see which female veteran may have stolen “2 Coffee Creamers” or discovered the “Rotten Meat”and then an unlawful eviction of myself, that this would never be the services provided to myself and other veterans by the VA, YWCA & the […]

Female Veterans thrown back onto the streets homeless

May 13, 2013


I am being put back on the streets homeless help me fight against this unjust and unfair actions ….No person deserves to be put back on the streets homeless…Call the U.S. Vets, the VA and the YWCA demand justice for this unjust eviction .. The U.S. Vets COO Darryl Vincent number is 808 330 2825, […]

Veterans Administration & the U.S. Vets unlawful harassment Retaliation to Veterans

May 11, 2013


Call the Carroll Cox Radio show “live this morning” to rally support for my at 808 524 10808..from 8 am to 10 am Hawaii time, let them know .. MySelf Tina Quizon or no veterans should be put back on the streets homeless by the Veterans Administratio, the U.S. Vets or the YWCA.. I am […]