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Fugitive Dust creates Environmental concerns for Children at a Waianae School

July 30, 2016


A dust storm continues for a Hawaii Charter School on the Waianae Coast, on the Island of Oahu. As Student’s are set to start a new school year the school staff and workers at Kamaile Academy have been dealing with large amounts of Fugitive Dust from  a massive 27.6-MW utility-scale solar project by Eurus Energy Holdings Corp […]

The Beauty and Art of Hula, and the making of the Hawaiian Haku and Lei’s

October 26, 2015


The gathering of Flowers, Leaves and Ferns for adornment for the Hula Halau’s, Hula Dancers, Kumu, Chanters and Pa’u Riders is an ancient rich tradition in Hawaii. Decades of tradition, with months of planning by the Kumu (Teacher), Hula Dancers, Kupuna and Chanters to gather the flowers and plants in the forest, the teaching of […]