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Letter – To Mr. David Tepper, as a Military Veteran & Media person

September 22, 2018


September 22, 2018 CC: NFL Panthers Communications Team Subject: No response about Media Credentials for September 23, 2018, tomorrow’s NFL game To Mr. David Tepper, NFL Panthers Team Owner I am writing to you in regards to my Media Credentials request made on August 29, 2018. I have had no response about Credentials for tomorrow’s […]

Sports Illustrated Shoots Bare Breasted Women

December 19, 2017


All hands on Deck! If we are really going to discuss the blurred lines of Sexual acts & Misconduct toward Women and others. The top of the leader board fueling the culture for the “Marketing Women & Sex” -should be “Handed to Sports Illustrated”! Many believe the dialog has to turn toward the scantly dressed […]

Big “No-No” Donald Trump solicits Veterans at VFW Convention

July 27, 2016


At Yesterday’s VFW event in Charlotte – Even though the National VFW warned the crowd that there was to be no signs no “Campaigning” during Donald Trump the Republican Nominee for the President of the United States speech – we found members in the crowd waving this sign for Donations right before Trump spoke – […]

Justice & Human Rights

July 11, 2016


BLM Protestors were kept safe Saturday night in uptown Charlotte with the aide of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) at a peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally.     The police commander on duty acknowledged how important it is to honor and protect the group of individuals and their Freedom of Speech.   At one […]

Physical Therapy & Breast Cancer Recovery – Exercises

May 26, 2016


Your Doctor may suggest Physical Therapy (PT) to help after Breast Cancer Surgery, radiation an recovery. Many people after having Surgery and radiation may experience difficulty in their range of motion, movement and a stiffness of the arm, shoulder and chest area. Even what is called a Freezing of the Shoulder. Always check with your […]

“The Commodity of our Mind”

May 20, 2016


Originally posted on tinaquizon:
The Commodity of our Mind, Human Potential, our thoughts, idea’s and our time is not passed out at any bank or lender, we don’t have to stand in line for it, we already have it. Future world leader, at Rizal Park in Manila, Philippines with Tina Quizon. Human Potential, our thoughts,…

Hawaii Plantation Village celebrates the Malunggay Festival

March 31, 2016

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Remembering back to the thousands of Filipino immigrants and families who came to work on the Sugar Plantation in Old Waipahu. A strong hard working group of people, who left there mark in the land and the stone of the Hawaii Sugar Mill, Plantations. A welcome sign on a rock wall, that has stood for […]