Do you know were your car is? Tow Company taking ticketed Cars away to Waipio Park

Posted on November 9, 2015


We were surprises to see the driver of Pinky Tows Hawaii bringing one car after another and leaving them at the Patsy Mink Park in Waipio this morning. In just shorter than a half hour 7 vehicles had been dropped off, all lined up and left by the driver of Pinky Tows Company.

So we ask the District park employee what was going on? The Park employee, named Delight, said that the park does not authorize any Tow Truck companies to use the park or any parking stalls as there own personal business to hold onto privately owned vehicles. The Vehicles did have HPD parking tickets on the windshield. And the Tow driver said he and the company had used the park before and was authorized by HPD, but the Waipio Park Staff said the Tow Company had no authorization for any such use, and the Park Staff had not spoke to any HPD officers about an arrangement.

The Waipio Park employees also stated they were concerned about liability of the vehicles, and that no business can use the park without a permit and greatly concerned for the vehicle owners not knowing were there car are now. Here is the Video of the Cars left at the Patsy Mink Park in Waipio, do you recognize any of these cars as your own?

Here are the Vehicle make & License numbers:

Honda Hawaii plates NDF 183

Hyundai Hawaii plates RDT 557

White Ford with Montana License plates – BEX033

Silver Chevy SUV Hawaii plates NYR 903

Dodge Ram Hawaii plates 009 TTX

White Volks Wagon Hawaii plates RTC 200

White Hyundai SUV Hawaii plates NNP 551

We will keep you updated as we find out more information on these kind of practices.

UPDATE : We spoke to the Honolulu Police Department dispatch who stated that HPD does not authorize any such practices by Tow Company’s to hold or stage privately owned Vehicle at City Parks, and would not accept any such liability for such unauthorized actions.