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Don’t be silent about the truth of Breast Cancer

March 27, 2015


Iwalani Evelyn Rae Wahinekapu Walsh Tseu, a Cancer Survivor and successor herself of Breast Cancer, shares her slogan, “Don’t be silent about the truth, speak out, get educated, open your eyes, learn more, open your ears, listen to the facts and knowledge. And never turn your back against this horrific disease called Breast Cancer”. Watch […]

VA Employee Verbally Accosted Female Veteran Tina Quizon diagnosed with Breast Cancer

March 24, 2015


I recorded the verbal assault I endured. I was interrogated and accosted by VA Employee Jackie Nguyen, after I informed the VA worker that I had breast cancer and was going to have to under go Surgery. Listen to how Jackie the VA employee felt it was necessary to Verbally Accost me a Female Veteran […]

“Donor Beware” – The real fight of Breast Cancer by Tina Quizon

March 21, 2015


After recently being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And bearing the extra emotional worrying about my surgery, treatment, and recovery, adding to an already challenging time, for me, has been, not having any place to stay. I am told by the American Cancer Society that they do not help Honolulu Breast Cancer Patients with Lodging or […]

Hawaii’s Failing Homeless Systems

March 18, 2015


From the State of Hawaii’s non compliance with President Obama’s HEARTH 2009 ACT (Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act), to Honolulu Mayor Caldwell continued harassment and chasing of Homeless Families in the Kakaako Area. We wanted to share the heart breaking story told to us on video of the senseless death of […]

Turf wars – Air, Land , Water “VERSES” the Human Population

March 12, 2015


A photo journal by Tina Quizon – A Snails Perspective As we human beings have officially assumed that mankind is the legal owner of the Planet Earth. We wanted to get a snails perspective on how mankind continues to Jack and trash the earth on its shopping spree to remove trees and concrete the land. […]

Inverted Breast Nipples

March 6, 2015


I was surprised at the fascination of not just Men, but by Women about Inverted Breast Nipples. For me it is just part of my bodies anatomy, I was born that way and I always had them, and just seemed like no big deal as I developed as a young woman. I even breast fed […]

MISUSE of POLICE by our government – LAPD shooting a homeless man

March 2, 2015


LAPD shooting a homeless man, this is nothing more than more MISUSE of POLICE by our government who continues to fail to properly address and solve the homelessness crisis and guarantee rights of the HOMELESS, why do we continue to put our law enforcement officers in these predicaments, this is not the answer to American’s […]