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19 countries of APEC region gathered at Food Safety workshops to explore new area “Benefits” in analyzing food safety & standards

November 28, 2011


With the cost of food continuing to steadily rising worldwide from the years past, the cost to industries and to individuals of not having a safe and secure food chain is immeasurable. While it is know that there is no way to have a 100% guarantee or zero risk of food borne illness or hazards […]

Thousands unite in a Work Day & Community Pledge to clean up, restore the health of Manila Bay

November 27, 2011


Article, photos & APEC & Manila Bay Cleanup video by Tina Quizon, You call watch the clean up with our coverage of President Aquino here on youtube: Thousands gathered along the Manila Bay oceanfront with shovels, picks and strainers in hand, banding together to participate in the cleaning up & the first phase of restoring […]

Hawaii steering the ship of the APEC Economies

November 14, 2011


Article and Photo by Tina Quizon As President Obama made his final remarks to us live here in Hawaii about the innovative dialogues created with the 21 APEC countries, one thing remained clear, Hawaii is an important strategic point in the navigation of trade, economics and leadership across the Asia Pacific region. At this pivotable […]

Women at the front lines as active agents in solving the Global Financial & Economic Crises

November 10, 2011


A new front line is being seen across the globe, as nations are seeking the valuable input of Women in changing the outlook, outcomes and success for combating problems of Sovereign Debt, Poverty Alleviation and social reform which are the pillars that will help humanity survive the global financial and economic challenges plaguing humanity. As […]

The vibrant elegant “Native Fabrics” of designer Oliver Tolentino bring a new era of iconic & unforgettable creativity to the World’s fashion stages

November 7, 2011


From Hollywood to Manila, New York City, London and beyond the “Native Fabrics” of the Philippines are gracing the Fashion stages across the globe. Designer Oliver Toletino’s trademark can be seen in his collection and use of native fabric created from the Philippines Flora & Fauna. His genus and creativity is expressed through the designing […]