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The real cost of the Thirty Meter Telescope – Donald Trump is right

September 19, 2019


Whether it’s our allies in NATO for Peace or in the advance research of science for space exploration, other Countries and Foreign Corporations should pay their fair share. And a $1 Hawaiian land deal of leases atop the Mountain at Mauna Kea Hawaii, is nothing more than a huge deficit .  Is economically unsustainable, costing […]

Missing Guns at a Government Office

June 23, 2016


Hawaii’s Congressional leader’s U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono and U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard were reported yesterday as taking a small part in a “sit in” on Gun Control on the House floor in Washington D.C., initiated by Representative John Lewis calling for a #NoBillNoBreak.  Other Reports  also mentioned that U.S. Senator Brian Schatz briefly took to the airwaves […]

Hawaii’s Monk Seals & Green Sea Turtles By Tina Quizon

May 3, 2015


“Update – We learned some Sad news from the Carroll Cox Show, today that one of the two female pregnant seals we filmed has died, find out more about the the monk seal and her babies death and the failed policies and non action by NOAA here “ We captured some footage of two […]

Mayor Caldwell continues to violate the Constitutional rights of Honolulu Homeless individuals

April 23, 2015


Plain and simple the Honolulu Mayor’s “Sit N Lie” ban is criminal and a violation of a persons Constitutional rights, there is no enforceable ordinance for Camping, and we are asking the Honolulu City Attorneys to tell the truth instead of hiding behind the Mayors agenda and won’t tell the facts. This is just more […]

Turf wars – Air, Land , Water “VERSES” the Human Population

March 12, 2015


A photo journal by Tina Quizon – A Snails Perspective As we human beings have officially assumed that mankind is the legal owner of the Planet Earth. We wanted to get a snails perspective on how mankind continues to Jack and trash the earth on its shopping spree to remove trees and concrete the land. […]

Painting Watercolors in Paradise by Tina Quizon

January 10, 2015


Hawaii truly offers everyday opportunities for inspiration. Here are some of my Artwork that I have been inspired to create from Hawaii’s beautiful surroundings of not just our landscape and oceans but some of the inhabitants. The birds, insects, plants and Hawaii’s rare species that we are so fortunate to be apart of their world. […]

Hawaii’s rare Plants & Forest

November 4, 2014


The Honouliuli Forest Reserve holds a sparse quantity of rare and endangered plants species, some not found anywhere else in the world. The work, over sight to protect and expand the rare plants and forest of Hawaii has become a vital role of a few individuals and organizations across our Island chain. In particular Susan […]

Honolulu Fire Department’s ongoing battle with a Makakilo Forest Fire reaches 17 days

September 8, 2014


Article by Tina Quizon September 7, 2014 Honolulu Fire Department’s ongoing battle to extinguish a difficult Makakilo fire has now reached a critical 17 days. This morning Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) had 7 battalions of fire crews on the scene in a hard to reach Makakilo forest area. And despite the valiant effort by the […]

“Down to the Wire” time for action to save Hawaii’s forest, endangered species and wildlife

September 1, 2014


September 1, 2014, Article by Tina Quizon As the fire in the Makakilo Forest re-ignited again yesterday, the blaze illuminated the night sky last night. And this mornings revelations reveal that we are down to the wire. In need of quick action from fire officials and for military intervention to put out the fire and […]