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Sand Island Fuel Spill – Who’s protecting our Water and Lands in Hawaii?

January 31, 2015


What’s going on? With the mounting concerns of the actual size of the Fuel leak at Sand Island by the Hawaii Fueling Facilities Corporation, this newest environmental disaster adds to the reality of the failure for Hawaii to address the continued polluting and degradation to Hawaii’s Water and Land. The lack of governance by Hawaii’s […]

Veterans Affair denial continues – Homeless in Paradise

January 13, 2015


No Housing First for Female Veterans is the reality of the VA’s campaign to continue to deny Homeless Services. VA’s Homeless Director Andrew Dahlberg handed me the latest Official Denial Letter from the Department of Veterans Affair and HUD, stating that there will be no help again for me from the VA and HUD. Here […]

Painting Watercolors in Paradise by Tina Quizon

January 10, 2015


Hawaii truly offers everyday opportunities for inspiration. Here are some of my Artwork that I have been inspired to create from Hawaii’s beautiful surroundings of not just our landscape and oceans but some of the inhabitants. The birds, insects, plants and Hawaii’s rare species that we are so fortunate to be apart of their world. […]

A rare glimpse of the Ibis at Honouliuli Hawaii

January 7, 2015


A White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi) is rare bird, especially on the Ewa Plains of Oahu Hawaii. We were lucky enough to see and filmed one foraging for food at Honouliuli. With our TV Show we hope to bring some understanding and attention to the need to save and expand these rare Habitats and Hawaii’s wetlands […]

Aikahi Shopping Center – Eye Sore and Public Safety Concerns – worry Small Business Owners, may be keeping President Obama Away

January 3, 2015


A Big Blue Tarp on a leaking roof, has created worry for many Small Business Owners that this may be keeping President Obama away from the Aikahi Shopping Center which is less than a block away from the President’s Vacation Compound. Many Tenants told us that “President Obama has yet to stop by and we […]

All the President’s Men and One Woman

January 1, 2015


Crazy, would be if the President of the United States, Barack Obama, did not chase after his hopes and dreams of becoming the President of the greatest Country in the World, the United States of America. As many watched with anticipation Barack Obama’s run for the highest office and to become our Commander in Chief. […]