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Fugitive Dust creates Environmental concerns for Children at a Waianae School

July 30, 2016


A dust storm continues for a Hawaii Charter School on the Waianae Coast, on the Island of Oahu. As Student’s are set to start a new school year the school staff and workers at Kamaile Academy have been dealing with large amounts of Fugitive Dust from  a massive 27.6-MW utility-scale solar project by Eurus Energy Holdings Corp […]

Big “No-No” Donald Trump solicits Veterans at VFW Convention

July 27, 2016


At Yesterday’s VFW event in Charlotte – Even though the National VFW warned the crowd that there was to be no signs no “Campaigning” during Donald Trump the Republican Nominee for the President of the United States speech – we found members in the crowd waving this sign for Donations right before Trump spoke – […]

Donald Trump – Never Served – was “No War Hero”

July 27, 2016


Trump spoke out strongly against politicians and the VA Secretary  to Veterans at the VFW Convention today, July 26, 2016, in Charlotte NC. Many Veterans are questioning the Presidential Candidates stance and calling him a Draft Dodger. Maudie Barnes said, in 1966, after Trump claimed several College Deferrals  he then made a Medical Deferral to […]

Justice & Human Rights

July 11, 2016


BLM Protestors were kept safe Saturday night in uptown Charlotte with the aide of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) at a peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally.     The police commander on duty acknowledged how important it is to honor and protect the group of individuals and their Freedom of Speech.   At one […]

Extraordinary Event – Obama & Clinton

July 5, 2016


Tomorrow “just might” make the history books as the 1st of many Historical events leading up to the 45th Presidency, as the fields narrows and the race for the White House decreases even closer down to possibly two candidates. A moment that will be marked and recognized by every Woman and Man in the United […]