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Antiquated Relics – The Navy’s Red Hill Fuel Tanks

October 7, 2016


Truth be told about the Navy’s continued strong-arm fight to hold on to what is now ancient wonders of a days gone by.  In a time when the Department of Defense (DOD) is working strategically to modernize refueling and avoid long stays in ports leaving our defense Aircraft and Ships at high risk of attack, […]

Fugitive Dust creates Environmental concerns for Children at a Waianae School

July 30, 2016


A dust storm continues for a Hawaii Charter School on the Waianae Coast, on the Island of Oahu. As Student’s are set to start a new school year the school staff and workers at Kamaile Academy have been dealing with large amounts of Fugitive Dust from  a massive 27.6-MW utility-scale solar project by Eurus Energy Holdings Corp […]

Hazardous environment for all continues from the Navy Red Hill Fuel Tanks and Tunnel Complex

September 7, 2015


Today (Sept. 6, 2015) the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management closed Kamehameha Hwy in both directions in front of Pearl Harbor and KGMB reported to us that there was a Gas leak from the Navy Pearl Harbor fuel lines connected to the Red Hill Fuel Tanks. No evacuation was ordered of the surrounding community, even […]

“ABC Auto Parts” Junk Yard continues to be allowed to operate down by the Riverside

August 25, 2015


Aug. 25, 2015 We found “NO Aloha for the Wai (water) and Aina (land)” about the continued problems with polluting, illegal dumping and other hazards at the ABC Junk Yard. So we have raised concerns again about the Pearl City “ABC Auto Parts” disposal of Auto Fluids with the State Department of Health Solid Hazardous […]

Hawaii’s Monk Seals & Green Sea Turtles By Tina Quizon

May 3, 2015


“Update – We learned some Sad news from the Carroll Cox Show, today that one of the two female pregnant seals we filmed has died, find out more about the the monk seal and her babies death and the failed policies and non action by NOAA here “ We captured some footage of two […]

Turf wars – Air, Land , Water “VERSES” the Human Population

March 12, 2015


A photo journal by Tina Quizon – A Snails Perspective As we human beings have officially assumed that mankind is the legal owner of the Planet Earth. We wanted to get a snails perspective on how mankind continues to Jack and trash the earth on its shopping spree to remove trees and concrete the land. […]

HAWAII’s latest Eco-Craze “the Trash Tour”

February 27, 2015


Not just for the tourist, Hawaii’s trash it’s every were. And soon the Hawai‘i Lodging & Tourism Association, State Rep. Tom Brower and the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) will be benefiting from marketing “the Trash Tour”. Locally we are seeing more discussion about it on the news, and HAWAII’S “Trash Tour” is a fact, that […]