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Bringing a “Culture of Peace” & legacy of Mahatma Gandhi

September 29, 2012


Article by Tina Quizon Mahatma Gandhi would make 143 years old on October 2, and his legacy of non-violence and the movement towards peace are lessons that mankind has yet to fully embrace. We have come so far, but we have so far to go, in the Constance for equality, to end poverty, against discrimination […]

Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 3 Lighting the pathway to hope

September 28, 2012


Join others in shining a purple light and lighting the pathway to hope, “Paint the Town Purple” by participating in bringing awareness and what for one person could mean finding the strength and walking away to safety from Domestic Violence. As October draws closer so does the reminders that we all have more work to […]

“NUCLEAR SAVAGE” exposes the Human Radiation experiments & the Radioactive fallout in 1954

September 27, 2012


The Bravo Hydrogen Bomb Blast on March 1, 1954 took away not only the innocence of a people who lived in a Paradise, but their health and their well being. The Bomb also poisoned the land and the Ocean resources surrounding Rongelap & the Marshall Islands. In an inhumane act that the United States turned […]

Olelo “As our voices shrink, so does transparency” from CEO/President Roy Amemiya

September 27, 2012


Olelo “As our voices shrink, so does transparency from CEO/President Roy Amemiya

Lack of transparency and Public accountability continues at Olelo Community Television. Why is it the Public is kept in the dark about operations, contract, budgets and the handling of the peoples Public Access?? And since when do our government or agencies operate from opinions?

We have requested and asked again the President and CEO of Olelo Roy Amemiya for documents,the DCCA and Roy Amemiya continue to claim Olelo is exempt from providing and documents under the Office of Information Practices (OIP) and the sunshine laws. Yet they have a contract with DDCA a government agency, to provide services to Government. 

No documents were given or offered, read for yourself  the response from Olelo for the email we sent to Roy Amemiya on Friday Sept 21 after the Waipahu Kahea meeting on Weds. Sept. 19, 2012, requesting  under public interest and disclosure for documents, I respectfully made this formal request to Roy Amemiya for copies of the following:

 Letter of Opinion from the Attorney General, in regards to the State of Hawaii and City of Honolulu exemptions from billing by Olelo for Olelo's Services, and or channels, feeds or equipment.

Court Documents, Judgments, or the Letters showing Olelo's exemption from Public Disclosure of Records. 

Read the original concern with Olelo charging $50.00 fee for service to producers and community but not to government, they claim they can't charge the City or State, but Glenn Booth of Capital TV sits happy with a contract to provide services to our government.

Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 2

September 26, 2012


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, lets not wait for the next ambulance to take someone away. Bring out your voice, inform and support, help someone walk away from the hurts and the shame. In our first article of our ongoing series, on Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate”, we wrote about the things you should think […]

Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 1

September 25, 2012


Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate”, it can happen to anyone, regardless of your race, gender, color, age, income, success. There are many myths about Domestic Violence, we need to bring about the dialogues in society to change the stigma of the many myths & misconceptions out there, as it’s “the VICTIMS fault” and other beliefs. We […]

Hawaii’s own Laura Grace D’Angeli takes center stage at Couture Fashion week in New York City

September 23, 2012


At the Fall 2012 Couture Fashion Week, “Pathways to Paradise” TV Shows own correspondent Breccia Demartini flew in from Australia to cover all the Fashionista events and to chat with the designers, about this years trends, inspiration and energy that the show brings to NYC. Filmed & edited by our NYC video-grapher Ash Kalmar, Breccia […]