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Antiquated Relics – The Navy’s Red Hill Fuel Tanks

October 7, 2016


Truth be told about the Navy’s continued strong-arm fight to hold on to what is now ancient wonders of a days gone by.  In a time when the Department of Defense (DOD) is working strategically to modernize refueling and avoid long stays in ports leaving our defense Aircraft and Ships at high risk of attack, […]

“Pay 2 Play” Media coverage of the Presidential Candidates

September 3, 2016


  Following up on CNN’s Carol Costello story this morning that Hillary Clinton will start to fly on the same plane as the press. We took a strong interest in the added commentary during the show of how basically that, it would only be fair for Hillary to fly with reporters and give access , […]

Sand Island Fuel Spill – Who’s protecting our Water and Lands in Hawaii?

January 31, 2015


What’s going on? With the mounting concerns of the actual size of the Fuel leak at Sand Island by the Hawaii Fueling Facilities Corporation, this newest environmental disaster adds to the reality of the failure for Hawaii to address the continued polluting and degradation to Hawaii’s Water and Land. The lack of governance by Hawaii’s […]

Gas Prices still high for Hawaii’s Kamaaiana’s, as Crude Oil fails to lowest since May 2009

December 15, 2014


Many local Kamaaiana (consumers) in and around the Pearl City area and other parts of Honolulu, Hawaii, were shocked to see the price of Gasoline at $3.63 a gallon for regular, even though the price of crude oil is the lowest since May 2009, crude oil was at another record low of $55.91 per barrel […]