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Honolulu Rail the cracked reality of the Mayor Caldwell’s Cash Cow

April 27, 2015


The Honolulu’s Rail project could be called “Hawaii’s Debtor’s Pulpit”, while being worshiped by Mayor Caldwell, Hart, the contractors and the Honolulu City Council as the “Cash Cow”, citing to be the end all of end all’s to Honolulu’s traffic problems. In reality it should stand as a monument and living testimony to everything that […]

Mayor Caldwell continues to violate the Constitutional rights of Honolulu Homeless individuals

April 23, 2015


Plain and simple the Honolulu Mayor’s “Sit N Lie” ban is criminal and a violation of a persons Constitutional rights, there is no enforceable ordinance for Camping, and we are asking the Honolulu City Attorneys to tell the truth instead of hiding behind the Mayors agenda and won’t tell the facts. This is just more […]

The VA’s early detection of Breast Cancer and a successful Surgery made a difference for me

April 7, 2015


The VA and Tripler Hospital made a difference for me with the early detection of Breast Cancer and a successful Surgery to remove the cancerous tumor by a team of Doctors and Nurses at Tripler Army Medical Center, last Tuesday March 31, 2015. Although, in the past I have had to speak out and have […]