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Dehumanizing & Stigmatized “Homeless”

September 4, 2017


Sept. 3, 2017 cc: The Las Vegas Sun Editorial Board To Mr. Brian Greenspun, CEO, Editor & publisher – The Las Vegas Sun It was painful enough to learn of my brother, John Sabo, horrific death, by a “Hit N Run” driver who had left Johny, alone to die on the road, in the dark […]

How to be Entrepreneurial where you are

November 30, 2016


Updated Dec. 3, 2016 Here is the link to our interview – In honor of the White House’s event the “United Day of Women” on Saturday Dec. 3, 2016 we will be interviewing, Dr. Bee Leng Chua, who is the Executive Director of HiBeam – .  HiBeam stands for Hawaii Business and Entrepreneur Acceleration Mentors. Our interview will […]

Every Voice is Valuable – Mayor Jennifer Roberts

June 14, 2016


Charlotte NC Mayor Jennifer Roberts shares her feedback on the importance of including Woman as “the best thing to do for the whole community” and to create equality for Women. #STATEOFWOMEN the United State of Women , Summit 2016 . The Mayor share her insights that “in a complex society”, we need more minds at the […]

Lets do this … “United State of Women Summit” #StateofWomen

May 19, 2016


President and Michelle Obama are creating a platform of global engagement for Women on June 14, 2016 at the White House. Lets all help, support & honor the women in the United States and around the world who help to make a positive global impact in all markets & Sectors. Ask yourself… What have you […]

A Mobile Star Lab ignites Learning

April 5, 2016


  This Eagle Nebula Photo was taken with a Mobile Innovation in Astronomy created by Ken Archer of the Ironwood Observatory. More than 7000 light years away from the planet Earth  the M-16 or  Eagle Nebula was first discovered by Philippe Loys de Chéseaux in 1745-6,  in the constellation Serpens. Ken Archer used developed the layers […]

Hawaii Plantation Village celebrates the Malunggay Festival

March 31, 2016

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Remembering back to the thousands of Filipino immigrants and families who came to work on the Sugar Plantation in Old Waipahu. A strong hard working group of people, who left there mark in the land and the stone of the Hawaii Sugar Mill, Plantations. A welcome sign on a rock wall, that has stood for […]

As a Family Mourns a Waterman’s untimely Death

January 24, 2016


The appearance of an improper investigation by DOBAR/DLNR of a registered Boat  – HA 8588 G  – that  ran over 2 diver’s, which took the life of Sri Shim, and caused the injury of another man on January 9, 2016.  We looked at the records and found listed as the Boat owner to be Sai Hansen. […]