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High rents + Low wages = Honolulu

April 11, 2018


In Hawaii and across American, Honolulu has some of the highest numbers of Houseless individuals in America, other City’s should take heed and learn from this formula: High Rents + Low Wages = Honolulu Hawaii And a new report out from the Hawaii Government sheds more light on the struggles and problems for people in […]

#59 Panthers Luke Kuechly – heartfelt moment for Makala

January 21, 2016


For most young teenage girls in Charlotte North Carolina getting out to the Bank of America Stadium and meeting NFL Playoff Champ #59 Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers would be an easy task. And is probably 1st on the list for every young teenage girl in Charlotte North Carolina right now. But for Makala […]

Thirteen High Schools meet for the 3rd Session of the Model United Nations Conference in Honolulu

November 16, 2014


Over 150 High School Students from both public and private Schools from around the Hawaii Islands gathered this weekend in Honolulu on November 14 – 15, 2014. The Students collaborated to model the work of the United Nations in leading groups, having dialogue, and debating topics. The hardworking weekend is a good example of some […]

Letter to the Board of Directors of the YWCA Oahu – The YWCA Disempowers Women

October 5, 2014


Here is a copy of Letter to the Board of Directors of the YWCA Oahu Sent on October 1, 2014 Please forward to all of the YWCA Executive committee 2014: Board Chair Barbra Pleadewell Vice Chair Marcy Fleming Treasurer Kristi Lefforge Secretary Leslie Miasnik CC: YWCA board members 2014 Sophie Adversalo Dottie Suiso Noe Archambault […]

Human Potential our Thoughts, Idea’s and Time is not passed out at any Bank, in Honor of Nikola Tesla

September 16, 2014


Article by Tina Quizon “Human Potential, our thoughts, idea’s and our time is not passed out at any bank or lender, we don’t have to stand in line for it, we already have it. Lets never forget the importance of putting everyones Human Potential on the Financial Balance sheet of the world”, quote by Tina […]

Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 1

September 12, 2014


Originally posted on tinaquizon:
Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate”, it can happen to anyone, regardless of your race, gender, color, age, income, success. There are many myths about Domestic Violence, we need to bring about the dialogues in society to change the stigma of the many myths & misconceptions out there, as it’s “the VICTIMS fault”…

Movie “Heart to Heart – Fatu O Le Alofa” – American Samoa Film

August 15, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon “Heart to Heart – Fatu O Le Alofa”, the actors Sissy Unutoa, Alauli Jay Neilsen and Aunty Tafia, Zena Iese (Movie Director) and the Movie co-producer Rev. Sam Unutoa, were on location in Honolulu Hawaii for the showing. The movie was filmed in American Samoa. Zena Iese the film director shared […]