The Glaring “O”Mission of our Veterans

Posted on February 13, 2020


Veterans Bridge Home (VBH) Ex. Director, Blake Bourne, moderated some vital forward thinking topics and discussions  about the “O-Mission” of the guarantor of outcomes and success of our fellow Military Veteran’s after their discharge from military service, yesterday in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.


Along with a small panel of former military service-members Blake directed the conversation about what happens to our Service members after their Military discharge. And the bad job “the deficit” our nation faces in providing just as good of a transitions after a military service as we did in handing off, taking away, recruiting, our most precious commodity “the young people” in our communities into military duty. How do we return quality citizen, what happens after we discard the service members back into society.

The dialogue and topics was expanded by the experiences of the following prior Military services members who have now joined the ranks of our other Military Veterans and are experiencing first hand the new battles share by of our Veterans :

Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Paul Kennedy, former Commander of the USMC Recruiting Command;

Melissa Early, Enterprise Inclusion & Diversity Consultant, FVP, Truist;


Sylvia Bivins, Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Krueger, realtor, Helen Adams Realty;

AF1E8FB7-9D3D-4DBC-B8D1-8A80FBB6C933This is a Final Battle cry, and is certainly a thought provoking dialogue everyone in our country and communities need to hear, address and ban together to  take action. We can no longer depend and just expect the Government and the Veterans Affair to shoulder this important cause and continue to have flat outcomes, results and worsening effects that leave Veterans stifled.   

The discussion left everyone in the audience of mostly veterans eager to play their part in supporting our fellow Veterans in transition.

The final outcome, is a glaring view of each individual’s and communities role in this omission, and a immediate call to action; that needs a response. A commitment to return our veterans back to communities 100% the same way or better than when we sacrificed and handed off our sons and daughters, to enlist, entrusting our loved ones, these individuals to our military leadership under Title 10 of the DOD.


And if we as leaders, families, executives, and community members don’t ban together, but continue to turn our backs to the 1% who gave their service to our country, then “We the people” –

Lose as a Country

Lose as a Community

Lose as Veterans

Article by Tina Quizon – February 13, 2020

stay tuned and check back as I will be posting video of the panel discussion .