Disgruntled Navy Submariner with anger Mgmt & disciplinary issues allowed to carry weapons kills 3, injures 1

Posted on December 7, 2019


Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam – 3 dead one injured after a US Navy Submariner, Gabriel Romero, was allowed to carry his Military issued weapons.  Even though Romero was under disciplinary action by his command. Romero had also attended anger management classes ordered by his Navy superiors .

On Wednesday December 4, 2019 at approximately 1:50 pm Hawaii time, Romero turn his M9 military service issued revolver on himself after shooting 3 civilians workers. Romero shot three workers at Pearl Harbor on Weds, using his military service issued weapon, a M4 riffle on the DOD employees.


With his M4 military service issued riffle Romero shot and killed  2 DOD employees, injuring a third DOD employee. The third DOD civilian employee is  still hospitalized after the shooting attack on Weds December 4th, 2019. That happen on the JBPHH Command  at the Naval base side dry docks where Gaberiel Romero was on duty,  guarding his submarine the USS Colombia (SSN 771) that was in dry dock area #2 for maintenance.

This morning Hawaii reporters could be heard frustrated and were forced to deal with officials from the NCIS, the FBI and the Honolulu Police Department who provided no transparency on information about the shooter Gabriel Romero. Hawaii Reporter were met with what mounted to a Photo opportunity by Kenji Price of the Hawaii DOJ,  CDR Robert Chadwick, commander of Navy Region Hawaii, Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard and Norman Dominesey of NCIS. Only continued foot dragging and the ignoring of reporters Questions about the naval gunman that took 2 lives,  injuring another before turning his M9 service revolver on himself .

An update from the US Pacific Fleet – on the names of individuals who died on Weds.

Vincent J. Kapoi, was a metals inspector apprentice, & Roldan A. Agustin, was a shop planner, both are from Hawaii & DOD Civilian employees at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, died following shooting on Wednesday.

The shooter was Machinist’s Mate (Auxiliary) Fireman Gabriel Antonio Romero of Texas
USS Louisville (SSN 724) Departs Pearl Harbor for Final Time

Article by Tina Quizon – December 6, 2019