“Deadly silence” and a cover up, 11 months later after a Honolulu Police involved death

Posted on November 22, 2019


On New Year’s Day, Honolulu Police (HPD)  after responding to a 911 call, restrained a Hawaii Woman, Sherianne Nixon.  It’s now been 11 months since, when on  January 1st,  2019, two Honolulu Police Officers became the Judge,  Jury and Executioners of 49 years old, Sherianne Anne Nixon.

The now deceased, Sherianne Anne Nixon has been silenced, she can not be called as a witness, can not give a statement of defense or provide any details of the deadly police involved incident that prompted a 911 call that day in Wahiawa. Other news reports also state that there  was no body camera ‘s worn by the two unnamed Honolulu police from district 2 in Wahiawa that responded to the initial alleged incident, and no arrest were made.

Only foot dragging by Government Officials,  an allegations of use of a Police “Choke Hold” taught to Police Officers. And a family left mourning for their Daughter and Sister, Sherianne Nixon, who was a Mother.

Now 11 months later still nothing but unanswered questions of her untimely death and possible excessive use of force by the two Honolulu Police Officers involved. 

To date there has been no statement from Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard on Ms. Nixon death that occurred while in Police Custody, and no report on the cause of Sherianne Nixon’s death from the Honolulu Medical Examiner.  Both government offices claim they can not make any statement, will provide or offer no transparency on the case, since HPD is doing an internal investigation of the Officer involved death of Ms. Nixon.

The family believes Ms. Nixon died from excessive force used by the two unnamed Honolulu Police Officers, who have remained in active duty, according to a January news story by KHON News.

A candle light vigil was held at the Hawaii State Capital on January 31, 2019 to honor Ms. Nixon’s memory.  Sherianne Nixon was restrained, but never arrested for any alleged incidents, instead became unresponsive and died while in police custody. So far there has been no answers, no justice and no peace for Sherianne Nixon and those that remember her. Please check back for any updates as I will be continuing to follow up on the case. 89C6006D-D533-41EB-9F4F-387F10269BD4

Article by Tina Quizon – November 22, 2019