Efe Obada NFL DE is an inspiration for

Posted on October 29, 2019


All Nations, fans young and old, all shapes and sizes, have united around Efe’s success. Fans clearly have the Fever for this NFL Defensive End, Efe Obada, who has made an incredible and inspiring three continent journey. Efe Obada has made his way from the hardships as a youth in Nigeria through homelessness and the streets of London, to the United States. And now onto the NFL Playing fields. Efe’s latest and greatest achievement was on October 13, 2019 playing in front of his home town crowd in London to thousands of Fans from all around the world. Efe has show by his own example that focus, determination and hard work can pay off.

Efe Obada’s NFL Carolina Panther’s Defensive End (DE) player continues to strive to uplift himself beyond the dangers of his situation as a child. Efe’s continued humbleness, hard work and story,  gives hope to many, and is certainly some inspirational reflections of the reality of us humans, that we need.  A lesson for our World community as a whole,  and that people, young and old can learn and benefit from. And one that we will continue to follow and share Efe’s journey in the NFL and in his life, giving hope to so many.

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Stay tunes for NFL stories, and more behind the scene videos & interviews with Efe as we continue to share his success story.