Deadbeat Dad pays just the minimum Child Support

Posted on May 19, 2019



Clearly to undermine the System and to pretend he’s making an effort by paying only a minimum portion of his monthly Child Support.  Months of Records reveal Mr. Daniel Cassel is choosing to just pay a minimum monthly Child Support payment, as recorded by the Child Support Agency at the Attorney General’s Office in Hawaii.

Yet these are Children with needs, who are suffering, they are not a Television or an Appliance that you are purchasing. While Daniel Cassel stays legal, paying a small minimum monthly payment of Child Support, the Cassel Children are homeless, don’t know where they will get their next meal or be allowed to sleep and lay their heads.

The 3 Cassel girl’s who are also Military Dependents continue to suffer, after being put out into the streets at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Hawaii along with their mom.  As the ink from the Judge in Hawaii on the final divorce decree was barely dried and granted, orders from the girls dad, Mr. Cassel, a Marine Gunnery sergeant, was to hurriedly pack up the all the Household items and with ill advice from his Command and help from the MP’s (Military Police) had the movers come and pack up everything belonging to the family, then it was shipped out, only a empty house remained.  Then Mr. Cassel chose to quickly terminate the lease and move the mom and children out of the House managed by the Ohana Hunt Corporation, Military Housing, last September 2018 to Homelessness in Hawaii. Not caring that the children and mom now had no were to sleep but the streets.

As I shared last week, after I drove down from Charlotte NC to the Shelter in Jacksonville. To visit the 3 girls , who are with their mom  staying in a temporary shelter. Read –

I spoke to the girls to share an update of how they were doing since my September 2018 story, unfortunately the Children and their mom, are still Homeless, 9 months later, now in Jacksonville North Carolina.

This story had been a hard but necessary dialogue that needs to be told and unfortunately a sad story of the facts that continue to show a clearer image of what hardships the Children are continuing to go through.


While walking away from his parental responsibilities, not only disrespecting his Children, recent documents reveal a dad undermining the Government, the Courts system, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

We have also been informed of an inquiry that is ongoing from the 3rd Congressional District Office (NC), who has asked for and has yet to receive any response how this situation happened from the Kaneohe Marine Base command.

Also no response from the three congressional inquiries made to the offices of Senator Brian Schatz, Rep. Marie Hirono and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. The Headquarters Marine Corps., and  LtCmdr. Bao, all these officials and leaders who have appeared to skirted their duties allowed for 3 Military Dependents, young Children, to become Homeless and continue to experience hardships. All these officials , have not returned any response to the Senior Military and Veterans Advisor, at the Office of the Third Congressional District of North Carolina, Formerly the Office of Representative Walter B. Jones, who is still serving the people.

Stay tuned and check back as we continue to update this Story.

Article by Tina Quizon – May 19, 2019

June 20, 2019 update- Breaking News : Commanding officer of Kaneohe air station relieved of duties