Military Children – with one click of a pen “Homeless”

Posted on May 16, 2019


This story is the hard and necessary dialogues of 3 girls, Military children put out on to the streets of Hawaii  – by the Military Commander at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

16 year old Ariana,  shared with me the daily struggles, shame & difficulties of being Homeless.  As a Military Child she struggles with trying to understand how can this happen? ” I am Homeless, I don’t want this to happen to any other child.”

Ariana recalled to me how nine months ago in Hawaii, in September 2018 her whole life changed with one click of a pen –

As the MP’s stood ground outside the home on Kaneohe Marine Base in Hawaii and Mover’s packed up and took the girls beds, clothes,  personal items, and furniture.


After unwillingly removing and barring her mother earlier that day from the home and Kaneohe Marine Base in Hawaii.

Ariana stated, that she watched with friends from afar, while her father signed off the papers at Kaneohe Marine Corps base housing (Ohana – Hunt Corporation,  Military Housing) that allowed the movers to take away her bed and all the household items. Her and her sisters now had no roof over their heads, no beds to lay their heads on and no were to go but to Homelessness on the streets of Hawaii.

Ariana has shared with me her plight of being homeless, so others can know her struggles with trying to understand how can this happen to children? How did no adult step in and stop this? How did the Kaneohe Marine Base Commander and other Military authorities decide this was okay? Ariana wants to be the voice for other children in hopes that they don’t face the risk of being put on the streets homeless.


” I am Homeless, I don’t want this to happen to any other child.” Stated 16 year old Ariana, now 9 months later, still struggling daily homeless in a temporary shelter in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Check back as we continue to share this nesscary and important dialogue.

Article  by Tina Quizon – May 15, 2019

June 20, 2019 – Breaking News : Commanding officer of Kaneohe air station relieved of duties