White Privilege – NFL Owner Robert Kraft not booked no Mugshot

Posted on March 10, 2019


What many people are calling the special handling of Robert Kraft who is alleged to have on two separate occasions solicited prostitutes for paid sex, is a prime example of the ongoing white privilege in America.

With the facts of his arrest explained in the February 25, 2019 New York Times article,  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/25/sports/robert-kraft-nfl.html. The article clearly stated the information received by the Jupiter police department that Robert Kraft would  be exempt and not be taken to jail,  have no booking, no mugshot, yet the Florida Attorney General Dave Aronberg claims that Mr. Kraft would not receive any special treatment.


Yet the whole event has already afforded and displays a hands off special treatment by Law Enforcement to Mr. Kraft, with no handcuffs, no booking so no bond was required and no mugshot. The story from the New York Times shoots right into the core of our nations racial disparity and inequality between whites and blacks, rich and poor in our criminal judicial system.

Also I believe that a further investigation of the timing of events is necessary to flush out when did the Jupiter police know about Mr Kraft’s involvement in the sting operation at the spa? Leading to not only a sex scandal of video tape evidence collected by Law Enforcement with the NFL Patriot owner engaging on several occasions in prostitution, and others enslaving women in human trafficking into the U.S. sex trade industry.

These inquiries need to be made, and the public has a right to know what may or may not be the suspicious late timing of the revealation by law Enforcment of the charges against the Patriots Owner. Charges that were only revealed conveniently 3 weeks after the Super Bowl was played. Benefiting not only Mr. Kraft, his Team but the NFL itself. Which is leading to many in the community to ask –  if indeed did Law Enforcement and possibly the Florida State Attorney General,  look the other way, by postponing the announcement of the entire sting operation until after the completion of the NFL Super Bowl Game and the following weeks of celebratory Super Bowl Win parades and events?

Stay tuned, as we continued to probe into this story and the necessary dialogue about the disparity, inequalities for many and the need for change, to flush out and stop “White Privilege” in the our criminal Justice system.

America needs to address the corruption of the justice system and the deep divide between the have and the have nots, especially in the unfair incarceration and injustices in our  treatment of people of minorities by law enforcement and in our legal justice system.