Cat Scratched Fever ?? Efe Obada – Carolina Panthers

Posted on November 28, 2018


While Carolina Panther Fans stood inline today from across the globe – all Nations, shapes and size. Fans clearly have the Fever for this NFL Defensive End. EFe Obada, who has made an incredible and inspiring 3 continent journey. . Efe Obada has made his way from the hardships as a youth in Nigeria through London to the United States and now onto the NFL Playing fields.

Irish Fans of NFL Panthers #84 Efe Obada



Yet, Coach Ron Rivera has scratch this hot player off the field in the last two consecutive games during this 2018 NFL Season. Citing turf differences for the player in week #11 game against the Detroit Lions. And no clear explanation from Coach Rivera for week #12 Sunday’s Game against the Seattle Seahawks.


But when asked by a fan today about not playing in Sundays game against the Seahawks, Efe remained optimistic smiling and brushing the question off like it was no big deal. Efe expressed that he is just glad to have been given all these opportunities and how much he enjoys being a part of the Panthers and the NFL, meeting and spending time with his fans.

I will be following up and will ask for exact clarification for Sundays Game Scratch against Seattle by Coach Rivera. So stay tuned as we follow up on the playing/turf status for Efe.

When I asked Efe about the possibility of the Carolina Panthers playing in London next year Obada shared, as he smiled from ear to ear,   “I want it to be 100%, because I think we are one of the teams that hasn’t been their.”

That would be truly exciting not only for  Efe Obada, but the Carolina Panthers,  North & South Carolina Fans, the Fans here in the United States. But also Fans in London, Nigeria  and across the globe. And one Fever, I believe, that would be worth the wait for.

Article by Tina Quizon 11-27-2018