“Trash Parody challenge” Heron living amongst our Trash

Posted on August 5, 2018


What should have been a beautiful serene scene of a Bird walking in nature turned into a disheartening reality of mankind’s continued crusade to trash everything. I sighted this Great Blue Heron walking amongst all the Trash near a ponding area of a storm water drainage/catchment in Charlotte North Carolina. And I am hoping my video of the Heron living amongst our Trash and the “Trash Parody Challenge” will inspire all of us to stop littering his home and our world.


I challenge you to do your own “Trash Parody challenge” pass this on, challenge yourself, your kids, family and friends.  To stop and think about our choices before we casually throw our trash out on to the street, on our land, into water and trashing the Earth and the Heron’s home. It is almost the end of summer, why not have a clean up our earth party in your community, clean up trash in your neighborhood, check the streams. Be “Trash Responsible” while stopping your car and eating at the park don’t leave your  food trash or plate lunch on ground outside your car and drive away. Teach kids not to throw trash out the car window, leave trash in the car and throw it away in a trash can when you get home.

“Part of our World” look at this stuff it isn’t neat ..wouldn’t you think our Trash collections complete wouldn’t you think it’s a World, a World that cares about everything.. we throw gadgets & gizmos a plenty. You’ll see throw whozits &whatzits galore, we found thing-a-mabobs over 20… no big deal, we’ll throw more.

We need to take responsibility, understand the consequences of our continued polluting and the impacts of the degradation to our Water and Land by people. The Great Blue Heron as are many birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, under Fish and Game Code 3513. One day it is my hope to not see this Great Blue Heron or any of our wildlife walking amongst all the our Trash  – video by Tina Quizon.


Fluorescent Lights Tires Dumped

Illegally dumped Hazardous Fluorescent Light Tubes, light covers and Tires throw onto the land near the Stream

Red Tail Hawk amongst our Trash

Red Tail Hawk looking out amongst the Trash we throw onto our Land and in our Water