Feeling Disenfranchised a Community unites asking for Sunday Bus Service in Charlotte North Carolina

Posted on July 23, 2018


Update  – Oct 1, 2018,  – all the Rallies, petition and handwork for the last two years of the people in Oakview Community of Charlotte NC has paid off,

We got a “Sunday Bus” #3 Service starting Sunday Oct. 7, 2018

WSOC TV channel 9 Report:

“So for our community, this is really a big milestone and we’re just so happy,” Tina Quizon told Channel 9.
For the Oakview Terrace community, the CATS changes are a big deal. “We were losing families who were having to choose between transportation and having to pay their rent,” Quizon said. “When you’re having to pay Uber on Sundays $25 each way just to keep your job, and you’re doing that four or five times a month, that’s a real hardship.”
But now, the neighborhood has bus service on Sundays. Quizon has rallied with her neighbors to make it happen.


July 22, 2018 – Oakview Terrace Neighbors came out again today calling for a Sunday Bus Service and to continue to bring this injustice to forefront. With out any Public Transportation Bus  Service on Sunday’s many Neighbors are having to pay a lot of their hard earned money for a Taxi,  Lift or Uber just to get to work, church, the Grocery Store or a Pharmacy.  Because the City of Charlotte NC has decided to not provide service to people living on the West side. Even though the same #3 City Bus route runs on the East side of Charlotte on Sunday’s .  Fellow neighbor and Veteran, Mr. Murray said, he is representing all the Veterans who live in our neighborhood.  Many of the Veterans, like Wanda Morris are disabled were not able to come out today and wave signs for the “We need a Sunday Bus” Rally.  Mr. Murray spoke about how the Veterans Motto is to leave no one behind. Yet for this community people are being left behind, feel they don’t matter, and that the system does not care about them.

Mr. Murray a Veteran waved signs at We need a Sunday Bus Rally

Truckers honked, neighbors drove by and stopped to show support, signing the petition, some people bringing water to the group of Oakview Terrace residents rallying on Montana Drive today. A few share their hardships of an unfair Bus Service while lending encouragement to sign wavers that their voices were heard.

Rochelle brought Water & encouragment to Bus Rally

Families tell us, they need to let the City of Charlotte – Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and the City Mayor Vi Lyles know that our community members, its families, its seniors, and its veterans need the Bus to make stops in our community on Sunday. People in our community that don’t have transportation rely on the bus to get around. We need a bus to go to work, go to Church, go to the grocery store, go to the pharmacy, to get to practices, sporting and other events and so much more. There is currently no bus that makes stops in our community on Sundays. It becomes a real hardship to not have a Sunday Bus, and when the money you should be saving for the roof over your head, food and essentials like medications, has to instead be spent on a Taxi, Lift or Uber to get to your job or were you need to go on Sunday it is a hardship. As Mr. Murray said our life should not have to stop on a Sunday or Holidays,  because the City decided to not give our community a Sunday Bus service.

Neighbors paying && Uber Lift Taxi No SUnday Bus

Fox 46 announced that CATS is going to start Sunday Bus Service later this year:


Neighbors waved signs at the rally in West Charlotte to voice their needs to get a Sunday City bus route.

We want to thank the all News outlets/TV & Radio  Stations for the additional News coverage :





Written by Tina Quizon – July 22, 2018