A Fresh Start for the Carolina Panthers

Posted on July 14, 2018


As a boy from the projects, David Tepper feels he has been given an incredible opportunity. On Tuesday the new owner of the NFL Carolina Panthers, Mr. Tepper reflected back on his own humble beginnings and a chance to bring a fresh start not only to the NFL team but the fans of both North & South Carolina.

“I’m thrilled to be here. It’s incredibly exciting, a great organization, a great football organization and it’s a new day for this organization. Hopefully we’ll have bigger and better things to come, including Super Bowl championships in the future.” Tepper joyfully stated at the full press conference.

David Tepper NFL Panthers Owner.jpg

While there was no mention of the fate of the Panthers PSLs (Permanent Seat Licenses) agreements.  There will most likely be some changes in the air as far as the location of the teams practice field for 2020. With the new owner giving hints on wanting more inclusiveness for all Carolina fans,  perhaps something south of the border of the North Carolina state-line could be in the works.  Mr. Tepper, “as I said before, I view this as the Carolina Panthers in both states so we have to think about where we’re putting things. One of the things that I did say is that winning is important. One way or another we can’t be less than competitive with other NFL teams and at this point, given our practice field and what other people have in the league, we’re falling behind a little bit. Because I do view the football side – this is a business, don’t forget that – but the football side is very important, and winning is very important on the football side and I mentioned the community side, but one of the aspects is that we treat our players right and don’t have any disadvantages to any other teams in the league. Top priority would be thinking about that practice field.”  – David Tepper, Owner NFL Carolina Panthers. He also went on to talk about the Panthers players who are really “good guys that are charitable on this team” and how David feels the players out reach in the community is underscored and not talked about enough by the press.


“I’ve been reflecting a lot about the football players here. I know you didn’t ask, but I’m just going to talk about this a little bit and some of these issues that somebody is going to ask me eventually. There are incredibly good guys here, I mean really good guys that love this country. That doesn’t get said enough – good guys that are charitable on this team. You should see, I don’t know if you guys appreciate and look on the website, the organizations that these guys, I’m talking about the football players, are involved in. Hopefully you get more involvement from them, but they’re already involved, they’re already involved. I know it doesn’t get reported enough, I know it doesn’t get said enough, but hopefully we can start accentuating the positive a little bit more around here. Hopefully I can bring that out. I’m going to get told by my press people that I shouldn’t say this. You ever watch Spider-Man? You know Spider-Man? I love Spider-Man. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ I think I have that, I think our players have that too, and I think a lot of them appreciate that.” – David Tepper, Owner NFL Carolina Panthers


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