“Bankers of young Minds” the plight of our teachers

Posted on May 16, 2018


They are united and standing tall for one of the most important causes in the world, the education of our Children.


Across the the state of North Carolina, Teachers of all colors, races, gender and creeds, are put in charge of some of the most important equity mankind will depend on “our future world leaders.” But for generations teachers have struggled to be recognized for the importance and value of their service. As the “Bankers of young Minds” the plight of our teachers is wrenching, we value the Bankers on Wall Street more than the educators that taught them the STEM skills of math and technology to name a few. Listen to some of the message our Teachers here in Charlotte North Carolina shared today.  #redfored support teachers and overall funding for education & smaller class sizes :


A few of the many concerns teachers expressed today at the rally:

• teachers have to purchase out of their own pocket for classroom supplies that are essential for each child’s learning

• a Master’s Degree “does not count”

• “no tenure” for dedication & years of service

• a teacher has to renew their contract yearly

• “no unemployment” during the summer months, though teachers only work 10 months out of a year because the contract is not up.

• support teachers and overall funding for education & smaller class sizes


Amber a local teacher in Charlotte NC shared that she should not have to choose between funding her son Ben education and funding our children’s classroom # it’s personal for her.

She also shared how many teacher are swoon away by other States like Texas who come to North Carolina with job fairs  to seek out NC’s Teachers and offer perks of bonuses and better pay. How long can NC government, community and leaders sit idle and do nothing for Teachers while other States come and steal some of the States best educators?