Charlotte’s lost vision

Posted on March 20, 2018


IMG_2696.JPGA dense fog has set in over Charlotte North Carolina, along with a new City Council seemly desperate for Corporate America’s approval and any accomplishment.  The new CLT City Council has lost its vision and is working at a hurried pace that could be severely detrimental to the City’s overall Health and Welfare.

You would think it would be a NO-Da Brainer, with a highly praised “younger City Council” in the stoplight. But brewing are the signs of a not wiser city council that has Charlotte’s residents/taxpayers very worried and on the edge.

The notably newly formed, fantastic Four, City Council members, Justin Harlow, Larken Egelston,  Braxton Winston, and Tariq Bokhari, may call the objections and remarks by citizens to last nights City Council meeting, as just people wining.

But the facts already show that this current fast pace development, is without sound judgement, oversite and long term planning reviews that is having a negative impact on the City.

The overall feelings is that the City of CLT would be wiser, to stop acting desperate by just allowing developers to suck up valuable land without written guarantees to build affordable housing. A major mistake made by many growing and developing cities across the United States.

Value the people & your city’s land resources, land is a hot commodity, slow down, put in place guarantees that won’t later burden the City.  Current trends are already pricing families out of rentals, that not only displaces our citizens, it increases the growing numbers of the homeless population for Charlotte. The City of Charlotte has no rent controls and at the current hurried pace of the last several years these housing increases already shows the negative effects on a families budgets, with more people at risk of homelessness or becoming homeless.

It is also impossible for City Council, Justin Harlow, to say he cares about mobility, especially upwards mobility for its most vulnerable citizens with many  families and seniors facing gentrification. When even a fair living wage or minimum wage increase is no where insight for Charlottes low economic citizens. And after neighbors held protest, for equitable Bus routes. In December 2017, the city manager, Justin and other City Council members promised to address the inequalities of  public transportation. After months of no response.

We again followed up  and asked Justin’s to address the in-equality of Public Transportation in West Charlotte at Oakview Terrace.  Seeking help of the Mayor and City Council for neighbors requesting a CATS Sunday Bus Route. We extended several invites to Justin, along with Mayor Lyles and other City Council to walk up across the dangerous HWY 16  Brookshire on Sunday from  Oakview Terrace at Kentucky and Nelson Ave. Our request fell on deaf ears as Justin Harlow, the Mayor were all a no show  and after many inquires City Council only directed our questions to Larry Kopf of CATs – read more here:

As the price of housing is skyrocketing, many feel they were dubbed calling the current actions as just a sellout of the City Council to Developers.

At every corner it is not hard to recognize the flaws of this current administration into this fast pace development. With the City’s recent admital that it is already trying to address CLT inadequate sewer and water infrastructure, and with all the development, the city’s lack of funds or shorter budgets for a growing city, that some projects are grouped into tiers, further stressing at times an over burdened System.

Outcomes that also effect many other city resources and social services, of poor oversite and the unregulated increase of rents and mortgages, without good planning,  oversite and management Charlotte housing prices is doomed to skyrocket with the pace of CLT’s development unchecked.

article by Tina Quizon – March 20, 2018

Read the Charlotte Observer article:

“Developers promised affordable housing, but wouldn’t give the city guarantees”