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Posted on February 3, 2018


As an emergency Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting, by The Hawai’i State Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs (DCCA) is scheduled for today Friday, 2/2/18 to hear from Charter on its migration of community access channels, public comment is welcome. We wanted to share our letter I submitted and why we believe Public Access and Freedom of Speech, not censorship, is so important.

February 2, 2018

CC: State of Hawai‘i Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs – DCCA
Sanford Inouye, President & CEO, ‘Ōlelo Community Media
‘Ōlelo Community Relations Department

To: Laurence Schott, Senior Director, Government Affairs, West Region
Charter Communications

As an award winning Olelo Producer, whose Television Show won International recognition as the “Most creative TV Pilot” by the New York City International Film Festival. I am writing to voice my objections to Charter/Spectrum changing or moving Oahu’s Olelo PEG Channels. I do not agree with relocating and displacing the current Olelo channels 49, 53, 54, and 55.

The people gave Charter Communications the rights to the usage of our Easements and Public Right-aways. In return Charter Communications has agreed to fair Public Access, not for Charter Communications to misuse, give away and dimish the peoples rights.

Charter Communications is a benefactor of the Cable Communications Act of 1984 (Public Law 98-549) an act of Congress passed on October 30, 1984 to promote competition and deregulate the cable industry. And in return for the use of public right away for telecommunication 5 % would be returned to the public for use.

In exchange for the Telecommunications Rights-of-Way, Charter Communications agreed to provisions for the people of Hawaii, (PEG) Public, educational, and government access television. We the people count on our Olelo PEG Channels to get our voices heard and our stories out to the community and the world. People count on being able to find, tune in and watch the Olelo channels 49, 53, 54, and 55.

I believe these proposed Changes to PEG Channel Lineup and Format is nothing more than an attempt to disband our Hawaii local Public Access channels. This is also a hardship, as producers of Olelo Television do not have large corporate budgets for marketing to get the word out, if such a change is made. I also believe the inadequate notification by Charter/Spectrum of such changes is intentional and reflects the disingenuous of your corporations character toward Public Access.

With perhaps over 1000 viewing channels available by Charter/Spectrum verses Oahu’s Public Access currently being less than 6 channels, these channels should be guarded against such malicious intent.

How can Public Access be such a threat to such a large Media conglomerate??
And why is our local Hawaii government not protecting our voices, instead giving away our right to freedom of press and freedom of speech??
And here in lies the real dangers, as the U.S. media landscape is dominated by massive corporations that, through a history of mergers and acquisitions, grow. So does the continue abuse of power and the ability of to massive media corporations concentrate their control over what we see, hear and read. And to take away our rights as citizens afforded to us under our founding fathers and our first amendment rights as individuals to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press by the U.S. Constitution.
If you can not fairly honor your agreements and keep the Oahu’s Olelo PEG Channels at 49, 53, 54, and 55, then return your use of and
give back our Public Easements and Right-aways.

Tina Quizon
CEO/President – “The TQ Group” Inspiring & steering Humanity, Communities, Markets & Sectors Worldwide
with Multimedia
Executive TV Producer “Pathways to Paradise”
2011 Award winning “Most creative TV Pilot” by the New York City International Film Festival
“2011 Most watched TV Show” on the Olelo.org Hawaii Community Media website
“2012 Most watched TV Show” on the Olelo.org Hawaii Community Media website
Editor in Chief http://www.tinaquizon.wordpress.com “News from around the World”
Winner of the 2012 “Global Women’s Entrepreneur Award”

Freedom of Speech - Tina Quizon Washington DC

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