A Reset for Thomas Davis as Panthers take flight against the Falcons – NFL week #17

Posted on December 31, 2017


As Thomas Davis sat motionless last Sunday watching from afar, a tightly fought game, and with only seconds ticking on the clock, the Panthers scored the win in week 16 of the NFL games against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A week earlier, Davis was suspended and faced with fines, barred from participating in practices and from playing in the following game against Tampa Bay. This was after a NFL review of the Helmet to Helmet hit to Green Bay Packers receiver Davonte Adams, Davis was suspended, under what appears to be a more aggressiveness by the league to the new revised NFL Rules and Guidelines of Concussion Protocol’s for the Players Safety, to Davis in week #15.

Panthers Locker Room

This week Coach Ron Rivera spoke about Thomas Davis being removed from game #16 and about the NFL and it’s teams changes in preventing concussions and TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injury). Coach Rivera shared that back in the days it was a good block, the league now works to get the targets lower, focusing more on a players safety.

Clearly it is a continued reset for NFL players like Davis. As Coach Rivera mentioned that for decades many have watched and learned plays from films that did not have the same understanding as the NFL League has today of the aggressive need for a concussion protocol that protects the players against head trauma and other injuries.

It is a positive step in the right direction for our NFL Players well being. And continues an important dialogue of how previously not knowing the cumulative impacts of football-related head injuries and long term effects of brain damage CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) possibly caused by how a team guarded and worked through the offensive and defensive lines of its plays has lead to new rules and changes in a players one on one contact with each other.

Coach Rivera said the focus is now targeting the lower part of the body, verses in the decades past, the neck and head areas of a player.

#58 Thomas Davis is set to return to the game tomorrow against the Atlanta Falcon.


Stay tuned as we will keep you posted on all the highlights of this game.

Article by Tina Quizon
Dec. 30,2017

In the past we have discussed TBI & Brain injuries, the concerns with Rachel Kawakami who suffered a concussion during Cheerleading practice and whose 2013 Miss Hawaii Outstanding Teen platform was sharing about Concussion education & awareness:

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