Sports Illustrated Shoots Bare Breasted Women

Posted on December 19, 2017


All hands on Deck! If we are really going to discuss the blurred lines of Sexual acts & Misconduct toward Women and others. The top of the leader board fueling the culture for the “Marketing Women & Sex” -should be “Handed to Sports Illustrated”!

Many believe the dialog has to turn toward the scantly dressed cheerleaders bending over to show you their Derriere, to Sports Illustrated photo’s of Women using only their hands to cover up their Breast, which maybe refer to as Soft Porn photo’s of Women topless on the Beach.

For decades, this type of marketing of Women has made huge revenues. But many believe this creates and leads to an environment of disrespect and non deterrence towards sexual misconduct and other inappropriate actions to women & others.

While we know its a choice of the cheerleaders and model’s to participate.

What is the message we are sending, the man on the sidelines watching, while the Cheerleader just pranced around holding up their Breast with outfits and short skirts, does that get the ball down the field any faster?

This is an important topic – while No alleged sexual misconduct should be diminished, we want to share this case in point – the SI (Sports Illustrated) story of NFL Panthers Team Owner Jerry Richardson allegedly asking women to wiggle their Derriere in their blue jeans, etc. – yet Sports Illustrated has taken to shooting women Bare Breasted and in what they call swim suits to a risqué hustler playboy porno type of Photos:

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