Boat that ran over Army Reservist had an expired Hawaii Vessel Registration

Posted on June 17, 2017


Expired Boat Registration John Sylva DLNR DOBAROur search of the DOBAR/DLNR website uncover that John Sylva the man identified as the Boat Owner that ran over and fatally killed an Army Reservist yesterday, had an expired Hawaii Vessel Registration.

In Hawai`i all boats must be registered annually (HAR 13-241-1). Also a mandatory boating safety education – Per HAR 13-244-15.5, after 11/10/14, any person operating a power driven vessel on the waters of the State shall be required to possess a certificate of completion from a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved course on the safe use and operation of a power driven vessel that contains a component on Hawai`i waters approved by the department.

For the many who are questioning the relevance of the Vessel Registration’s renewal , we ask, to what portion do you decide in a person death it is not relevant? What do you ignore in an investigation, is there safety factors incorporated in the renewal of a vessels registration? Could the steering on the Boat have been compromised? The Throttle not working correctly?

Was the DLNR the main investigating agency? Or did DOBAR/DLNR even show up?  No, it was the “Real Police” the Honolulu Police Department who showed up with the Honolulu Fire Department!

Also did DLNR seize the Boat. Did DLNR do a Breathalyzer on John Sylva, I doubt it because they are not the real police or investigators. Under Chairman Suzanne D. Case the DLNR employees lack any real ability to oversee, enforce, investigate & protect the people and our water resources.

Did DLNR retrieve the propeller? I understand Sri Shim was killed last year by a boat, HPD had to do that investigation also, now this one, how many more people have to die?

DOBAR is not checking vessels, again DLNR is no were to be found, did not even bother to go out to yesterday’s tragic scene, perhaps the boat propeller guards that Sri Shim’s family has been asking DLNR for should finally be enforced!

Our condolences to the family & friends of Col. Kirk R. Slaughter.


Photo courtesy of Stars & Stripes. A Go-fund me account has been set up we have provided that link:


Article by Tina Quizon updated on June 17, 2017

Learn more at the link below about last years untimely death of Mr. Sri Shim –