Elderly meals to be cut by President Trump under his new Budget

Posted on March 17, 2017


Elderly loss their Meals on Wheels

My 81 year old mom in Ohio depends on Meals on Wheels, and in a stunning announcement on Thursday the White House announced cuts to the #mealsonwheels through the new  #trumpbudget .

The Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Meals on Wheels will be defunded. Director Mulvaney explained that the program does not work, is not showing any results and  that he is cutting the CDBG grant that provides money for  the meals to the Elderly.   Mulvaney went on to further explain that he is doing what President Trump wants.

Listen to the OMB Director Mick Mulvaney’s explanation at the White House, courtesy the MSNBC link below:

We have sent inquiries to both Senator Rob Portman & Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio to explain how can feeding an elderly person a meal does not work?

I am are sure my family is not in this alone with the effects of these cuts, what about your loved ones? Please sent us your comments and stories how the new Budget cuts will effect your family & community.

Article by Tina Quizon March 17, 2017

Update Here is a Copy of the Letter we sent, we have not received any response to our request:

March 17, 2017

Aloha Senator Sherrod Brown

It is was greatly concerning to hear the White House announcement a budget cut to the Meals on Wheels Program yesterday as stated by the OMB Director Mick Mulvaney.
Mr. Mulvaney said the Meals on Wheels program does not work, and gets no results, I am requesting a response from you Senator Sherrod Brown on the proposed budget cut announced by the White House:
Do you agree with the OMB Director Mulvaney’s statement made at the White House yesterday that the Federal Government will not fund a program that sounds good, Mr. Mulvaney stated Meals on Wheels sounds good but does not gets results?
Also, What is your comment on the OMB Director statement that he is only doing what President Trump wants?
If you agree with the White House statement on cutting the Budget for Meals on Wheels please explain your stance and also how feeding an elderly person a meal does not work?
My 81 year old mom in Ohio depends on Meals on Wheels, as do many elderly constituents across the United States.
Many Healthcare workers I spoke to said for the Elderly this is their only life line. Or contact. And the delivery maybe the only connection with a person who see if the senior has electricity, heating, has not fallen down, become seriously ill or maybe the person only source of food and nutrition.
I reviewed your press statement on President Trumps new budget, while you do mention “Any Ohio family sitting around the kitchen table knows that making a budget is about choosing priorities”. 
You failed to mention anything about this and our Senior Elderly population across the nation that will lose their Meals on Wheels services. 
Senator Brown, If you could please explain your action steps to address this budget cut?
As you may be aware many in the communities and families across the nation are in fear of the harm and negative impact these actions will make.
Are you available for a phone interview with me to discuss these issues?
For a public statement on the issue that will severely harm and effect the elderly who are one of our most vulnerable groups of Americans?
I look forward to hearing back from you immediately and your respons to this urgent important matter.
Mahalo (Thank You)
Tina Quizon
Executive TV Producer