Your ride is not Here

Posted on February 13, 2017


Ride not Here  - Title VI .jpgWe have uncovered and have filed a complaint to Mayor Jennifer Roberts of the “Unequal” Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)  public bus system in Charlotte NC, that is creating economic hardships, danger & harm for people. We believe the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) public bus system is in direct violation of Title VI of the Civil rights act of 1964.

Here is our letter to the Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina:

CC: Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) and the Charlotte City Council,

February 12, 2017

To Mayor Jennifer Roberts,

I am writing this complaint for myself and on behalf of the many neighbors in my community.

In regards to the Unequal Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) public bus schedule and routes here in Charlotte Mecklenburg County.

Which Is creating danger, harm and a negative impact of economic hardships for myself and many people in my neighborhood and surrounding communities of Charlotte Mecklenburg.

While the Charlotte CATS Bus system boast of adding more early morning routes for 53X Northlake and Archdale routes, which also gives free ridership to Airport employees.

There is no Sunday #204 Cats Bus service in my community, on Centre & Kentucky ave, and we only have a limited Saturday and weekday schedules.

I have voiced these concerns to the CATS organization but to no avail.

Many of the young men and women in my community has shared how they have to turn down employment because they rely of the CATS Public Bus System and the bus does not accommodate the ability to get to employers that require employees to be on the job at 5am. The same holds true for return buses to get people home safely.

My current employer shared how it has lost good employees because the employees rely on the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) which did not allow the employee to make it to work for the required 5am shift, and that this problem holds true for many companies across Charlotte. I did informed my employer that I was sending this letter to you.

Several of my neighbors have experienced as pedestrians, been hit by vehicles trying to cross interstate 16, because they are forced to cross 7 lanes of busy interstate in the dark to get from bus 1. Either because there is no bus or the buses on route 204 do not run late enough in our neighborhood to safely get people home. For early 2017 the CMPD website lists already more that 100 traffic incidents for Interstate 16.

I welcome you, Mayor Robert’s, Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC),the CATS Management and the City Council to join me on a Sunday and to walk the early morning or late night route with me in the dark crossing heavy traffic on interstate 16, to catch the #1 bus in hopes that you will understand the danger and hardships this is creating.

I believe the Mayor and City Council can not speak about wanting to address economic wrongs as have been mentioned and related from the Charlotte Protests this summer without addressing the fact of an inadequate and unequal Public Bus system that is not serving the lower economic neighborhoods like mine here in West Charlotte. This includes my neighbors whose live out on Freedom Drive and other areas have also shared with me the same hardships.

Thank you,

Tina Quizon