“Pay 2 Play” Media coverage of the Presidential Candidates

Posted on September 3, 2016



Following up on CNN’s Carol Costello story this morning that Hillary Clinton will start to fly on the same plane as the press. We took a strong interest in the added commentary during the show of how basically that, it would only be fair for Hillary to fly with reporters and give access , since the media outlets and reporters are paying to cover the Presidential Candidates. This definitely seems to falls under the “Pay 2 Play”.  Draws strong questions of fairness,  in my opinion skirts the Democratic process, any Freedom of Press or to provide impartial media coverage to the citizens of the United States.

Update Sept. 3, 2016 –  link to CNN Transcript –  http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1609/02/cnr.02.html

CNN NEWSROOM Clinton To Travel with Media

ERROL LOUIS, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: “And let’s keep in mind, the members of the press who travel in the traveling press corps pay a considerable amount of money in order to be near the candidate. And to deny them access really not only frustrates the higher goal of presenting the candidate fully to the public, but it also really hurts the news organizations. That’s partly why people are complaining so much. “  – Aired September 2, 2016 – 09:30   ET

And after  we tweeted our concerns about this revelation of a  “Pay 2 Play” system and how media is paying to cover the Presidential Candidate process we started getting responses from outraged citizens, especially in North Carolina.  Where we have been asking both Presidential Candidates – Trump and Clinton for a plan to address the toxic water from the Duke Energy’s Coal Ash sites, for  each candidate to share a plan to protect the drinking water and public health in North Carolina.

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We have not gotten any response or answers from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. People here in North Carolina are asking for answers to ensure we have safe drinking water & an a sound Environmental plan.  With so many cities having  this ongoing battle, and foot dragging by the EPA across the nation to ensure the safe quality of our Nation’s drinking water and environment. We are looking to our future President and asking for answers to this big problem not only for North Carolina families with undrinkable toxic well water from Duke Energy’s Coal Ash Site, but for Hawaii, Flint Michigan and all the communities in America.

Perhaps the “Pay 2 Play” Media sheds  a light on how and why some of the real questions and concerns of our American Citizens is not being discussed by  our Candidates.

So we sent our questions in regards to the “Pay 2 Play” Media inquiring how much are Media outlets paying to Carol Costello and CNN, they have not responded to our inquiry. We will continue to investigate and ask  – What is the Price for Media to cover the American Presidential Elections? I believe it is a question America can’t afford not to ask.

We did find a story by NPR  after President Obama visited Charlotte, NC to campaign for Hillary Clinton, that briefly referenced Journalist paying airfares aboard Air Force One and have provided the link below:


FACT CHECK: Air Force One, Who Pays?

“Commercial airfares are still used to calculate the costs paid by journalists traveling aboard Air Force One, unless there’s a separate press charter, in which case journalists pay the full cost of that plane.” – NPR