Test’s don’t lie – Duke Energy’s Toxic Coal Ash

Posted on August 8, 2016



Toxic Water from #Coalash at Duke Energy has been leaving many communities and families unprotected and forced to drink bottled water.  Amy Rumfelt Brown is asking for answers to the most recent news of Dr. Rudo’s Court Deposition:

Amy R. Brown (pictured above),  Debra Harris Baker (below, R) and about 400 families received letters last year and have had to drink Bottled Water because of the recorded “High Levels” of contaminates,  vanadium and hexavalent chromium, making their well water “Toxic” undrinkable from the surrounding #Coalash Duke Energy sites in North Carolina.


Well Water Letter to Debra Baker NC DEPT Health

The latest controversies centers around  Dr. Kenneth M. Rudo’s court deposition and the North Carolina State Director of the Department of Health retracting statements and issuing very contradictory letters seemingly under pressure from Governor McCrory’s Office to the original letters that stated “the well water not be used for drinking or cooking”.

The State Health Director - knowingly told people

Court Deposition


Court Statement - no new data water wasn't safe

Court Deposition

Debra Baker lost her husband in 2008 and believes that is was a direct result of  the Coal Ash from Duke Energy.

The Baker's (1996-2008)

Here is a copy of the full Press release from Ms. Debra Baker  at the Press Conference on Friday, Aug. 5, 2016 in Charlotte at the Governors Building.

Aug. 5, 2016 –

Good Morning Lady’s and Gentlemen

My name is Debra Baker and I live in Belmont, NC. And G. G. Allen Steam Plant is my neighbor.

I received my l letter from DHHS on May 16th of 2015, telling me my well water test results showed high levels of Vanadium, and Hexavalent chromium. I immediately stopped drinking the water and bought bottled water from the store.

Dr. Kenneth Rudo the State Toxicologist called me around May 18th of 2015. Dr. Rudo asked me if I had received my test results. He was very concerned about letting me know that I had high levels of carcinogenic in my well water.

Dr. Rudo advised me that we could not drink, ingest, or cook with our water. He also said, to not let our dogs, or cats drink the water.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Rudo at local meetings. He is a true medical professional that care’s for his fellow human beings safety.

Who else makes over 200 personal phone calls to inform someone about their water results?

He also has over 30-years of experience in his field.

For Governor McCrory to accuse Dr. Rudo of lying under oath is just ludicrous or outrageous.

McCrory’s Director of DHHS Dr. Randall Williams OB/GYN has issued false statements multiple times, on record. Let’s not forget Dr. Williams signed a letter telling hundreds of people with contaminated well water that their water was just as safe as city tap water.

Governor McCrory hasn’t asked him to resign, and back’s his statements even after the courts proved them false.

If McCrory wants to call Dr. Rudo a liar, he should back his statements with proof, which can easily be found by his own call logs, and schedules.

I just want to say when it comes to me trusting someone I will trust Dr. Kenneth Rudo, he has been the only one that has told the complete truth in the last 16-months.

He genuinely cares about the people of our State unlike our Governor, and DHHS.

 – – Debra Harris Baker 

Sign "McCrory move your Ash".JPG

We will continue to follow these developments and  keep asking the City, Duke Energy, the State and the EPA questions and to do the right thing to protect our people and Earth,  who will protect our Wildlife, Homes and drinking Water from these Environmental injustices?

We took a driving tour to see the close proximity of Duke Energy’s #Coal Ash ponds on the Riverbed in Mount Holly that sits on the edge of the Cowan’s Ford Wildlife Refuge surrounded by the Catawba River and across from many Homes.

Check back as we will be bringing you some interviews from Rhiannon Fionn an Independent Investigative Journalist with the Coal Ash Chronicles who has been reporting the peoples plight for truth and protection.

Update: Video below from the Miami Herald

Published on Aug 8, 2016

House Democratic leader Larry Hall calls for – State Bureau of Investigation – SBI probe of decision to rescind do-not-drink notices for well owners near coal ash ponds.