Fugitive Dust creates Environmental concerns for Children at a Waianae School

Posted on July 30, 2016


A dust storm continues for a Hawaii Charter School on the Waianae Coast, on the Island of Oahu.

As Student’s are set to start a new school year the school staff and workers at Kamaile Academy have been dealing with large amounts of Fugitive Dust from  a massive 27.6-MW utility-scale solar project by Eurus Energy Holdings Corp from Japan.  Eurus is a member of the TEPCO Group and the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster that released Radioactive contaminated groundwater to the ocean  and  forced the evacuation, death  and displacement  of thousands of Japanese People on March 11, 2011 .


Hawaii Environmental activist Mr. Carroll Cox has filed a complaint with the Hawaii State Department of Health Clean Air Branch after taking a walk through with the Charter school staff  at Kamaile Academy which sits tightly edged up against the massive Solar Panel site.

We have provided a link to his Photo’s of the area and with more details on his visit to the area:

Carroll  who has investigated  many Environmental injustices through his non-profit EnviroWatch, said, “Kamaile Academy is a Public Charter School located at 85180 Ala Akau St. in Waianae Hawaii. 

The school has a student population of nine hundred plus. It ranges from kindergarten through twelfth grade. It is in the Ulu Wehi community. This community is primarily poverty level with three homeless shelters and a transitional housing.

It is reported the construction of the Solar Farm began in the later part of 2015. Staff reports having to cleanup large amounts of dust from the classrooms.

We were shown a number of classrooms where we were able to see firsthand the presence of dust on book shelves, floors, walls, books, chairs, file cabinets and appliances. We wiped some of the surfaces with towelettes and were astounded by the amount of dirt we saw.

Note the footprints on the floor and dirt on the towelettes.

School officials report that they are having to bear the expense for a private contractor to conduct air samples. ” 

We also found other concerns with what appears to be a rushed process to fast track the project by HECO and force the PUC to undermine the State’s procurement and bidding processes.  This is just one of two major Solar Panel projects, that HECO admits has kept these massive Solar Panel projects under the radar,  without any community input of the impacts to the people, the land, schools and community. Other concerns of fairness with the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) & Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Eurus.

The Navy  has also signed a lease agreement for a Solar Panel Project with HECO that requires no approval from the PUC in the same area of Nanakuli on the Waianae Coast.

Check back as we will keep you updated of this story.


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Certainly no Hawaii Government or Corporate Environmental responsibility to our Keiki’s – these Keiki’s from the Kamaile Academy Charter School and the Waianae Coast deserve so much better, ask the Mayor & Governor to stop the fugitive Dust , some of the Children recently performed at the White House –

“Hawaii Kids performing at White House Turnaround Arts Talent Show hosted by The First Lady –
A few lucky kids from Oahu were selected in a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this year’s White House Turnaround Arts Talent Show ”
Courtesy: whitehouse.gov

Article by Tina Quizon,  Photo’s by Carroll Cox