Arcing the past with the future

Posted on June 17, 2016



Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) a leader whose vision and mission is forged in his dedication to the advancement Science and Electricity not only to the American people but to Humanity and the world.

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The city of Rahway, New Jersey, will be celebrated with an unveiling of a new Bronze Bust honoring Nikola Tesla’s image. Beginning at Rahway Train Station & Rahway City Hall Plaza, the special dedication ceremony  and  unveiling with the Mayor of Rahway, will include Music,  and Tesla Rahway Electric Culture Craw. Celebrating the Visionary’s work,  will include a Traveling Exhibition, “Tesla: Past Present Future.” Organized by Nikola Lonchar/Никола Лончар, the President / Founder of the Tesla Science Foundation.

The Events start on Friday, June 17th 2016  -with the Unveiling of the bust of Tesla at the Rahway Train Station that will begin around 4:30PM.

Following the Mayoral Welcome at the Bust at  6:00PM, (and RHS Color guard Presentation of the flags)

Folklore Dance by Serbian BISIRE,  featured Speaker’s – Upendra Chivukula, Obrad Kesic, and the General Consul of Serbia Marina Zivkovic, and Samuel Mason from the Tesla Science Foundation. With more fun, entertainment and Music moving into the evening event’s partnered by the Rahway’s 4th Annual Culture Crawl in the Downtown Arts District. To find out more about the activities and schedule go to


Tesla who came to Rahway NJ in 1884,  started the Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing Company, was contracted by the city to manufacture and install Arc Lamp Lightning, it was the first Alternating Current lamp posts that were installed at the Rahway Train Station. Tesla later received his U.S. patient for his Arc Lamp Lighting System in 1891, many feel his achievements in science, the generation and distribution of Electrical Energy advancement and other inventions, have not been duplicated since.


Since the departure of Nikola Tesla, we continue to struggle with real global solutions for clean Energy and to have less dependency  on Fossil Fuel and Coal to make our Electricity and distribution. It is important to educate other on his life work in STEM, and as one of the most brilliant minds in the understanding and advancements of Electrical Energy.

Intriguing questions from the Tesla Science Foundation:

Will we ever have “Free Energy”? and will it be on the heels of
Tesla’s ideas? With this lead to a third industrial revolution?

Nikola Lonchar founder of The Tesla Science Foundation is continuing his focus and commitment of bringing Tesla’s works into more School Curriculums in the US and throughout the World. Together with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade and a large gathering of other important organizations and individuals, this will be the Tesla Science Foundation’s biggest achievement yet in accurately promoting the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla. We invite all who are interested to take part in this important project, not only for Tesla, but for the World. Continuing Tesla’s work, and adopting Tesla’s philosophy, will give the entire world the freedom we all deserve.

Free Energy and Free Communication are Integral Parts of Human Freedom – 

The Tesla Science Foundation  –

Article by Tina Quizon

June 16, 2016