Physical Therapy & Breast Cancer Recovery – Exercises

Posted on May 26, 2016


PT & Breast Cancer Recovery

Your Doctor may suggest Physical Therapy (PT) to help after Breast Cancer Surgery, radiation an recovery. Many people after having Surgery and radiation may experience difficulty in their range of motion, movement and a stiffness of the arm, shoulder and chest area. Even what is called a Freezing of the Shoulder.

Always check with your Physician or Doctor before starting any exercise after your Breast Cancer Surgery and radiation treatments.

Some suggested Stretches & Exercises you can do at Home, always ask your Doctor 1st before doing these :

*Arm Pulley

*Over the Head Lift with a Broomstick or Yard Stick

*Rowing with Rubber Bands secured to the Door Handles

*Butterfly – Hands clasped behind your head open and close your arms with your elbows bent

Follow your Doctor and Physical Therapy instructions on what is right for you and how many or how long to do each exercise, you may have a different routine.



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