The Bees need our help to survive

Posted on May 16, 2016


The survival of our Bees and understanding the declining population of Honey Bees and other pollinators, is vital for mankind. Not only for the United States, but globally for our environment, food security, agriculture and enterprise. Bees have no voice, no union to protect them and speak out for the rights of the workers, or to bring an understanding of their role in our environment and food production.

No one can disagree that the plight of the Bee is vital to enterprise and for the worldwide economy, and across the nation the bees need our help to survive. Communities need to be educated on not spraying the Bees with pesticide when someone discovers a hive or swarm of bees.

Please join in the nation wide effort to bring about  the necessary education to create the change needed to save our bees & other pollinators at #KeepHivesAlive . We wanted to share our recently filmed video of some Bee’s in North Carolina’s here is the link to our  video:

Bees  – Native Pollinators

In 2014, President Obama put together a task force to work towards solutions to help save the Honey Bees and other pollinators, “Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators”,  including concerns of the recent increased loss of honey bee colonies is thought to be caused by a combination of stressors, including loss of natural forage and inadequate diets, mite infestations and diseases, loss of genetic diversity, and exposure to certain pesticides. Contributing to these high loss rates is a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder (CCD), in which there is a rapid, unexpected, and catastrophic loss of bees in a hive. You can review President Obama’s Bee initiative & the White House Fact Sheet in our previous article here:

Also send in your own bees story and follow  or visit the website at: . Join in on June 20: at Triangle Park, North Carolina to learn more about the “Keep the Hives Alive” Tour,  come out to the rally and press conference outside Bayer’s North American Headquarters! Also see when the tour maybe coming to your area.


Recently in January 2016 the EPA  made this Press release : “Delivering on the President’s National Pollinator Strategy means EPA is committed not only to protecting bees and reversing bee loss, but for the first time assessing the health of the colony for the neonicotinoid pesticides,” said Jim Jones Assistant Administrator of the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “Using science as our guide, this preliminary assessment reflects our collaboration with the State of California and Canada to assess the results of the most recent testing required by EPA.” read the full version –

News Releases – Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals


EPA Releases the First of Four Preliminary Risk Assessments for Insecticides Potentially Harmful to Bees

at the link below:!OpenDocument