Aloha Stadium design flaws, lack luster

Posted on January 25, 2016


With the latest revelations of a 35 year old design flaw,  the most recent negative media and international attention of the Women’s International Soccer Playoff canceling due to unfit Turf, and the loss of over one thousand parking stall for Aloha Stadium users. It is time to take a serious look at the need for a real professional Stadium for Oahu, Hawaii. We recently covered the NFL /NFC Championship between the Panthers and the Seahawks at the Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers. I was highly impressed with the investment Charlotte, North Carolina has made to ensure a professional Stadium that is state of the art, user friendly, welcoming and inviting .  When comparing the two stadiums, Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium is a big disappointment many have called it the “Bargain Basement” of Stadiums.



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A design flaw un-detected for 35 years, and problems with the patina protective – a bad product not conducive to a salt air environment, land issues & uses  at the Aloha Stadium, and the aesthetics of HART rail construction.


And the State of Hawaii and the City seen to drag their feet, not making any real decisions, just decades of wasted time and money to deal with the mounting cost of a flawed stadium.  Islanders spoke to us saying Tourist spend a lot of money to come here especially for big events like the upcoming Pro Bowl on January 31, 2016 the Aloha Stadium has not been a well planned economic resource for the State of Hawaii. And what an embarrassment the entire Stadium area is, lacking appeal, substandard and how “this is not what Paradise is suppose to look like”,  even bigger is concerns of the negative effects and images of Aloha Stadium to our Tourism, State Revenues and the impact of Professional Sports wanting or continuing to book events like the Pro Bowl. Adding to the broken-down structural flaws is the lack luster of a true professional venue for any National or International Sporting events is the sore eye of the HART Rail construction. Recent media reports by Environmentalist Mr. Carroll Cox also revealed dilapidated roadways coming from Pearl City / Aiea to the Stadium and a very visible broken wall above the old Aiea Cemetery and on the Navy side accumulating piles of trash by the Admiral’s Boat House fronting the Historical  Bike Path, also he shared about the contamination from former defense and on-going DOD fuel leaks/spills in this area. Find out more on Carroll’s radio show – trash and a landside by the Aloha Stadium freeway interchange in Aiea,  at the link below:

Below : Photos of the Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers

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Panthers Stadium.jpgCarolina Panthers .jpg

Pre Game  photo of the auxiliary Media room with a view of the entire field



Below: An inviting area for fans to get refreshments and enjoy some live music before the game, photos by Tina Quizon.