Hawaii’s Plantation Village in Old Waipahu Town

Posted on December 17, 2015


Stepping off the beaten path, and the hustle and bustle of the crowds at the Shopping Malls, we found a quite quaint place to not only learn a little bit of Hawaii’s history.  But to our surprise,  we found some handcrafted goods in the tradition of Old Hawaii inside the makeshift gift shop of the Hawaii Plantation Welcome office. Hawaii Plantation Village Crafters gifts.jpgVillage crafters donate their time and talents, donating their works, patchwork blankets, pillows, pot-holders, keychains, purses,  Xmas-Stockings, T-shirts with the Logo, a Calendar and Magnets to help off-set cost to maintain and staff the Village.Handcrafted Gifts - Angel Seal Teddy Bear.jpg

Hawaii's Plantation Village.jpg

While for over a century Sugar Cane was “King” in the Hawaiian Islands, the growing of Taro (Below) by the Hawaiian’s has remained a staple of tradition and part of the rich culture of  the Hawaiian people, agriculture and the caring for the lands.

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Take a guided tour into the past and learn about Hawaii’s history during the Sugar Cane Era. Learn about the working conditions, the homes, the camps, and some of different people and workers who made up the workforce of the Sugar Industry and Plantation life in the Hawaiian Islands.

The Hawaii Plantation Village is located in Old Waipahu Town, on the Island of Oahu for more info or to visit the Hawaii Plantation Village website at http://www.hawaiiplantationvillage.org or call 808 677 0110

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