“Hard to Beat” the Carolina Panthers

Posted on December 15, 2015


Written by Tina Quizon

Carolina Panthers Jonathan Stewart runs past the Falcons AP Photo by Mike Mcarn   .jpg

Carolina Panthers Jonathan Stewart runs past the Falcons in the first half –  AP Photo by Mike Mcarn 

With a winning rooster of players and a 13-0 streak the Carolina Panthers are making it a stellar season and putting football into a new level unseen since 2003 in Charlotte NC.  With all eyes on this National Football League – NFC South Division team, it is exciting to see the momentum build around the team and with the fans from across the North and South Carolina area.  Both the team owner Jerry Richardson, a very behind the scene owner with a resolute demeanor and Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, who calls himself a “a calculated risk taker”, are surely in the right direction on the field to take the team to its possible first Super Bowl Win in the history of the  team which was founded in 1995. Though the Panthers has had many attempts and plays in the Super Bowl, the team has yet to achieve a Super Bowl Victory.

Some Panthers Fans we spoke to during sundays game, which was played in Charlotte, North Carolina on Dec. 13, 2015 were showing an over-whelming pride for all the Panthers Players.  Declaring that the Carolina Panthers are  definitely “Hard to Beat”. Several fans also adding that, the Panthers team players we are seeing this season, are the best of the best in the NFL.  Stay tuned as we bring more  information and highlights of  the team and this Sundays game to you. And click on the link below to watch the videos of some of the plays from the Panthers Team website:



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