NO “LITTLE GRASS SHACK” or HALE (Home) for many Homeless Hawaiian’s

Posted on October 12, 2015


Although worldwide tourism sells you on an idea of “the Little Grass Shack in Hawaii” the reality for many Hawaii’a is NO SHACK/HALE (HOME) at all

You won’t find any Hawaiian’s living along the sea shore or the Ewa Plains in their “LITTLE GRASS SHACK” or HALE (Home) anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands. The reality of the history here in the Hawaiian Islands is that not only were the Hawaiians forced out of their Land and “Shacks”, impeded of their Culture and ability to Speak Hawaiian, it also became KAPU (OUTLAWED) forbidden to even Dance the Hula or Chant in the Native Hawaiian Language.

Yet, fast forward 100 years and you find many of tourist flying thousands of mile to see a Hawaiian living under the roof of a Little Grass Shack, it is even been memorialized in a Song. But the facts are, A “Hawaiian” the very people who the image/culture has been packaged, bundled sold and used to generate Billions of $ to tourist, and passed down in stories and songs through out the decades, does not exist. Many Hawaiian’s have no Land or Home, and the fact is that many Hawaiian’s are Homeless. Recent data revealed that it is a fact that Hawaiian’s are the largest number of homeless just on Oahu, Homeless Hawaiian’s are being chased off of the AINA (LAND).

Kakaako is a prime example were reports were publish and the Media/News has highlighted the information showing the it was the Native Hawaiian not the People of the (COFA) Compact of Free Association or Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), but the Hawaiian’s are the greatest numbers of Hawaii’s Homeless in Kakaako. Another area is the large number of Hawaiian’s homeless along the Waianae Coast.

Inside the roof of the Hale photo by Tina Quizon

Little Grass Shacks in Hawaii are now only tourist attractions or educations sites, no Hawaiian is allowed to Co-Habitait in their original living Structures – Inside the roof of the Hale photo by Tina Quizon

Now days, No Hawaiian is allowed to freely roam , build or Co-Habitait in their original living Structures. Even the ability for Hawaiian’s to grow TARO has been impaired and has severely diminished. Scared places have become restricted and shut off to the Hawaiian People who are the indigenous people of Hawaii. And the injustices to Hawaiian’s and homelessness of any Hawaiian in their own land is never fully vetted, fixed or openly addressed.

Hawaiian's in the past had free roam of their land and grew Taro as a staple

Hawaiian’s in the past had free roam of their land and grew Taro as a staple

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