Explosive Safety Waivers at West Loch expired in Dec 2013 by Chief of Naval Operations

Posted on June 1, 2015


Several Explosive Safety Waivers at Naval Munition Command for West Loch and Lualualei expired in Dec 2013.  The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO),  had extended the  3 Explosive Safety Waivers only until Dec 2013,  and we found no new Waivers issued for West Loch and Lualualei. So  in our fact checking and inquiry we have sent a letter to Admiral Jonathan Greenert Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) about the expired waivers  and other issues that we discover. We reviewed Navy documents citing that West Loch NMC and Lualualei NMC both Navy Munition installations have mounting concerns, we uncovered  the lack  of a proper Intrusion Detection systems (IDS) amongst other issues with filling the necessary Civilian positions and Military Billets not at appropriate level of Military Support.

Explosive Safety Waivers Expired at West Loch and Lualualei Naval Munitions Command back in December 2013.

Explosive Safety Waivers Expired at West Loch and Lualualei Naval Munitions Command back in December 2013.

Older documents also revealed inspections that outlined high risk operations and unaddressed issues with  temporarily storing ammunitions on the docks at Whiskey pier  on West Loch in preparation for loading onto ships or Submarines. West Loch Issues - IDS

We will keep you posted on any response we receive from our inquiry letter to Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) about the expired waivers and other Explosive Safety issues at West Loch NMC and Lualualei NMC.  

I believe it is vital for the Public to  stay abreast of issues and to always ask questions. To educate others,  by reviewing and understanding the importance and high risk of the Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division, Detachment Pearl Harbor Hawaii, and our known past disasters at NMC’s like the West Loch Disaster on May 21, 1944 and Port Chicago, can help to protect the present and the future of our Nation, Environment and Communities.  The “Publics right to know” that the stewardship of the NMC NAVY/DOD  operations, prevention of disasters and protections of our National Resources are in place, and to have transparency and accountability to the Public is vital to maintain a balance of the Mission while creating the least footprint by allowing successful operational capabilities and safe communities.  Stay tuned for more  about the West Loch Naval Munitions Command on our TV Show Pathways to Paradise next Weds. June 10, 2015

Story by Tina Quizon, publish on June 5, 2015

Update watch “West Loch Disaster – Reviewing the Past to Protect the Present and our Future”

Link to our Facebook page with the naval archives Video of the “Flames silhouetted the Sky of West Loch from the explosion of 6 Naval LST Ships” watch here :https://www.facebook.com/112008078821478/videos/938157846206493/

Update: June 26, 2015 – CNN also reports that the Navy has failed to update its important Computer Softwares and to protect our National Defense and Security from hackers. And we question if the dependancy on an unsecured, non- compliant and the outdated Windows XP Softwares are also a part of the reason that the West Loch and Lualualei’s Intrusion Defense System is not in compliance with DOD/ Navy, failing the support of NAVFAC and CNIC as we reported on in this article, on June 1, 2015. These latest revelations add to what we had already exposed – the major hazards, security flaws and the DOD/Navy’s in-ability to maintain our National Security and Defense Systems here at West Loch and Lualualei Naval Ammunition Comands, Pearl Harbor Hawaii. The letter from the DOD and Navy warns that WIN XP has reached it’s end of life and Microsoft will no longer employ support system upgrades or the mitigation of vulnerabilities. The Document referenced is the NAVADMIN 206/14, “Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance Branch, wrote that WIN XP has reached end of life and the vendor will no longer employ support system upgrades or mitigation of vulnerabilities” read the full DOD/Navy document here : http://www.doncio.navy.mil/CHIPS/ArticleDetails.aspx?ID=5513

Read CNN’s full article here: http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/26/technology/microsoft-windows-xp-navy-contract/